Living with a 'Secret'

You think about something happening … and it does.

You believe that you can do something, and do it well…and you do. Or do you?

There’s nothing odd, strange or impractical about it. You are part of the ‘Secret’ that each of us shares. We all have it, we all live it…yet not all of us realize its power or its true potential. Do you?

A child grows up in a home where all he is ever told is that he isn’t good enough, smart enough or capable enough of great things. Even mediocrity he’s told, is not a possibility for him.

That same child grows to be a man…an angry, frustrated individual with a careless attitude because after all, what else does he have to offer the world? He’s attempted many things…good things, great things. Things that he believed he could expect to succeed at. He failed. At everything turn, he just wasn’t good enough.

Then one day, he met a woman. A lady with charm, intelligence and drive. She opened his world up to the plausibility that anything he set his mind to he could master. It didn’t matter what that was, nor how many people would nay say his endeavors. What mattered was that he believed in himself. Enough to at least try.

At first he just laughed, how ludicrous the thought that he, a doomed failure in life, would be able to succeed at anything. Yet, her confidence in him nudged him forward. Eventually, he could ignore his dreams no longer. Was it possible? Did he have it in him? The only way to find out he reasoned, was to try.

“Think positive, my friend”, her voice whispered in his ear. “Anything is possible if you believe in yourself”.

He had always wanted to express himself in ways that would allow him to reach out to others, show them the world that he lived in. He had so many ideas, so many visions of what he could do…yet each time he had begun his journey of expression, words from his past rose up to haunt him. Stop him.

“Don’t be ridiculous! You can’t possibly become successful doing that!” his mother’s voice would ring in his ears.

“Suck it up boy! You know that’ll never work. You don’t have the brains of a fruit fly! Don’t even bother to figure it out…it just won’t work.” He believed in only one thing, that he was always destined to failure.

But, he thought, do I really have anything to lose by listening to this beautiful woman? Of course not, failure is failure and I will eventually prove it to her just as I’ve proven it to myself many times. Perhaps it’s time to let her see the me that everyone else does.

With that, he gathered up his tools….an old piece of wood that he’d found in the forest. A piece of knarled, dried up old log that to others meant nothing but to him it presented a challenge…the beginnings of an eye, the protrusion of a nose. He could see them as though they actually existed and for once, he decided that it was time to prove…to himself, to her, to everyone. Either he was a failure or he was not. This attempt would tell all.

The sharp knives, the chisel. The sandpaper, the wood burning tool. They gathered around him as though they were all anxious to see his vision come to life before them. Each waiting their turn to become a part of this magical endeavor.

He worked long hours hunched over that old rotting log…its 3 foot length covered in moss in some places, rotted out holes in others. He chiseled, pounded, shaved and gouged it. He went without sleeping or eating, so obsessed with the task of creating his future. A future that would spell out his success or his failure. As he worked he began to chant to himself, ‘I can do anything I set my mind to. I am as competent a person as anyone I know. I will succeed at anything. I am driven. I am intelligent. I am able and I will succeed!’

At the end of 4 very long days and nights, he stood back from the old log and gazed at something he’d known from the beginning, had been there all along. A beautiful nymph stared up at him…her hair flowing around her shoulders, her eyes gazing softly up at him. Vines wrapped gracefully around her legs and created a flowing cape that wrapped around the curves of her body. She was beautiful. She had charmed him and driven him to bring her to life. She had shown him the ‘Secret’. Finally, he understood.

After staring at her for many hours he’d come to know her intimately. She had brought out in him the drive, intelligence and talents that had always been within him. She had helped uncover the reason for his existence. Without her, he would never have reached out to begin this journey. He owed her a debt of gratitude. How could he thank her.

For days afterwards, he searched for his lady friend but was never able to find her. No one recalled ever seeing her. It was as though she had never existed. Had he imagined her? Was it possible?

“Believe in yourself” her words whispered to him. Then, one day, with hundreds of wooden creations surrounding him he realized who she had been all along. The gentle side of his conscience…the part of him that still believed. The heart of him that hadn’t been destroyed by doubt, ridicule or insecurity.

She had a name…he knew it now. It was “Soul”, his soul, the inner part of him that no one could take away. The part of him that held the “Secret” and had driven him to uncover his potential. His discovery had propelled him. It had encouraged and supported his visions.

We all have this person within us. She is an integral part of each of us…our soul, our ability to believe in ourselves, in our talents, our skills and our dreams. She is someone that no one can steal from us unless we truly allow them to.

Are you living your life according to your Soul? Do you believe in the ‘Secret’? It’s never too late to uncover or explore the things your soul tells you are possible — because anything you believe you can do…you can.

Today is still not too late to give your soul the opportunity to uncover who you really are and what you can really do. Beginning today, you are living the ‘Secret’…do with it what you will and begin to create your own destiny. You know you can.

Living with a 'Secret'


Nepean, Canada

  • Artist

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A measurement of who we are cannot be made by others

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