A Saturday in March

My son and I had decided we need to have an adventure. We decided to go to the Indianapolis Cchildren’s Musuem. But it was Spring break for a lot of the schools around the city. So, the children’s Musuem was packed. We decided we would try the State musuem. Hardly anyone there, and we decided we would go there. We explored the musuem for a couple of hours. And what is really cool about the State Musuem is that it is on the Canal downtown. After exploring all the floors of the musuem, we wandered outside and walked around the canal for a little bit. While walking there on the canal, we watched all of the bicyclers, and paddle boats.

It was a sunny day, and everyone was out to enjoy it.
As we walked by a couple sitting on a bench, he stooped us and asked us to take there picture. I said sure, no problem. I took two pictures, and started to hand him back the camera, asking him if that would work. He said no, could I take a couple more . As he said this, he was reaching in his pocket and pulling out a ring, and asked his girlfriend to marry him. I took probably about ten to twelve pictures for them. It was quite a nice day.

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