Feedback Day....

Hello fello Redbubblers..!!!

I have just realised that since joining Red bubble back in March last year I have not left any journals apart from a cry for help last week to which Uncle Art Monger responded to so thanks goes out to Uncle Art Monger!!!

I have had such a relaxing day today, I have been sitting very cosy in my apartment looking at the rain through the window, uploading pictures and fooling around on photoshop! :-)

There are some fanstatic artist on here that produce amazing work and over the last few days I have seen some amazing T-Shirt designs that blew me away and I want to know the secret!!

Anyway…The main reason for my journal entry is to ask for feedback on my work…..I want to know what your views are on my work, constructive feedback preferred!

I know what your thinking ‘well thats what comments are for’ but I have seen some fantastic work on here with no comments at all, apart from the one I had placed after seeing the work, and though as we all share a similar interest it couldnt be a better place to ask for feedback!

Well I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Abigail-Jane :-)

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