Changes are coming

Hi to all my friends here!…

First of all, as some of you might of noticed I’ve not been around much lately. Much of it to do with my health. I believe I shall know exactly what is wrong by the end of 2 weeks. Seeing so many doctors and many visits to emergency, looking forward to finally knowing what is wrong with me. Not knowing has really set me back, and have not been able to focus on much.

Also I have another move coming. I just found this beautiful home last June and the new buyer wants to access it and they don’t want me in the house. 3 floors of this house is full of my belongings. I am finding overwhelmed at this task of leaving this place I came to know and love as my new home.

I have not ignored you, just going through my thing, and I will be back, promise! Don’t giv


Hello my friends!

It is the time of year that we start to really get busy with Christmas around the corner and such. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and felt I needed to update all of you.

It’s been quite a year. I moved to my beautiful new home, and my brother purchased it after I rented it. I will be moving again (Yes Again) on July 01, 2013. I’m sad but at the same time I understand it all. It’s taking me a long time to find home, and really felt that warm fuzzy feeling in this house. I’m grateful to be here at all.

It’s been a huge undertaking on my part, and now have 2 roommates, something I’ve never had before. Many trials and tribulations, but it is working harmoniously now.
My health suffered this year, with the herniated cervical disc, and my sciatic

Name Change and move

Alright eveybody! I’m moving again, yes you heard right. I’ve managed to get my hands on a beautiful piece of land to rent with a very old house that inspires me to the max. 16 acres of gorgeous land that I can do many of my shoots that I hope to create in the very near future. Will also be getting more serious about studio photography, and will be making a small one in my new home.…

Life is great and looking forward to this move. Please again, I know I say this all the time, but my heart goes to all of you when I dont have time to reply or comment on your works.

I believe I’m ready to take the next step up.

And…………I really want to change my profile name and business to Annie Lemay Photography and Fine Arts. Is this appropriate? And how do I do this, I cannot seem to this in my a

Voting links not working

I have people trying to vote for me in my challenges, and the vote button isn’t working on any of them. I know I have votes for many of these and they are showing nothing.

Can anyone help? I am in a miksang challenge, Chasing the light, in the Canadian Artist Group,


I've sold 5 I Phone Cases this week! May 2012

Oh what a wonderful week this has been! Many features and most of all I’ve sold 5 I Phone cases and 2 greeting cards!

I’m feeling truly blessed!

Sold I Phone case May 2012 ,

Sold 4 I Phone cases, May 2012
Twins in the Forest

Sold 1 Greeting Card

Sold Greeting Card May 2012

I have no idea who purchased these items, but I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Have a great week friends!

Annie Lemay

Thank you so very much for all of your support!

Hello to all my friends here! I am so grateful to all of you for all your comments, my features, the fav’s. I’m overwhelmed at the response to my work and am finding I cannot keep up to replies or comments.…

At the moment I’m preparing for a show in Calgary, Alberta and it has kept me so busy orgainzing it all. You see my sister is going to represent me there and I’ve had to do everything from here and it has really been going awesome. I’m so excited to see how my images will do. this just might be the one that gives me the confidence to get out there and really market my art in person.

I was away for a while with health issues and seem to be getting stronger all the time I believe I’m back full force again!

Please forgive me if I am not commenting on work or replying to comment

Back again!

Hi to everyone here that I have missed forever! I am still alive and kicking and hoping to get back into things again. Moved into the country, into a quaint little house. Well moved 2 minutes away from my Train track shot and the river I love the most!

Can someone explain to me how we can download our original files from RB as I have lost some of them. The format has changed here and I just can’t seem to figure it out!

I also have created a calendar with my tree shots just so I could feel I am creating again, the juices are starting to come back again. Let them flow.

Hope the world of RB is great to all of you!

Annie Lemay

Thank you to mystery buyer in Europe!

I have been away for a while, and have not been too well. Being on the keyboard is a killer, but this addiction keeps me coming back, and so do you wonderful friends I have met here! I have missed you terribly and I sure hope I can keep up eventually!…

First of all I need to thank everyone for all the feature and the beautiful comments on my images. If there was a way for me to thank everyone of you I would, but my pain is increasing and I have to save it for posting and editing. With my bipolar I tend to lose focus and I start commenting and thanking everyone and then, voila cannot do anymore work. I felt I needed to explain myself again, I am not a rude person and Iove viewing your work so much.

And…………….today I made myself a sale. Sales have been quite slow. I was realluy ple

Homepage Feature - June 15, 2011

Homepage Feature – June 15, 2011

Well, first of all, I have to say hello to everyone here on RB! I have completed my move to the lake and have gone on holidays and I believe I can get back into the routine of creating my photographic art again!

So much has gone on here on RB, I am noticing so many great artists that I developed a friendship with are gone. It is disturbing for me, and I really had to decide wether I was going to stay or not. RB has been so great for me, and it is my decision to stay. I usually am the type to follow the others…………but not this time. This is home base for me. However, I will stay in touch with Rosie, I miss her so much, and will be adding some of my work on Blue Canvas in the next few weeks.

My first image I posted since my return received a homepag

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait