I would first like to thank you for this great site. And also give additional thanks to all those that have taken the time to honor me with words of encouragement. Its my absolute pleasure to share my self with you all, and I hope you continue to enjoy my artistic side as much as I do exploring it.

I am a proud Leo, one of the more gentle ones, I might add.


I believe myself to be a wise soul, yet despite my wisdom still very confused about life and the world we live in.
I’ll be the first to admit I’m jaded; life just seemed to have that affect on me. Regardless, I remain a very positive person, and will always combat negativity when it rears it ugly head.
I have led a less than normal, perhaps even interesting life ;-) hehe. I am of Scottish and German Jewish decent. Thanks to my dads Semitic blood I have a been blessed with a nice olive tone to my complexion which makes for killer tans as well as misleading people into thinking I am perhaps from Spain or the Mediterranean. You will hear no complaints from me in regard to either :)
I was born in at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal, QC., in August of 76’. I almost immediately starting moving around North America. First leaving Canada for New England, where I was raised while moving all over Massachusetts. That is still where most of my family resides.
In the coming years we moved as far south as Florida and back up to Mass again.
As a result of bad habits and bad choices on my part; I was unable to attend public school in the Greater Cambridge/Boston Public School District; and in the wake of this when all the options seemed bleak I was fortunate enough to find out about GRD Academy which was located in the village of Rajpur outside of Dehradun, U.P. India.
In May of 89’ at barely the age of 13, I met up with about 100 other kids of whom I knew only 2. Thirty something hours several continents and to many brandy chocolates later I found myself in India.
I was ultimately there for about 4 1/2 years; returning in November of 93’. It was a Sikh school, and I very naturally adopted the religion and all its practices during my stay. My time there was unforgettably incredible and sometimes unbelievable. The whole experience had a hugely profound affect on me. It has directly shaped all that has happened since.
I returned to the states where I continued to move. From Massachusetts to LA to San Diego and on to New Mexico, where I had my first short, but significant stay. My Pops, fancying himself a detective, tracked me down with a sleuths precision and asked me to move to Montreal with him. Long story short; that was a rough time. and ended with me back in Mass, yet again. I managed to stay there for about 3 years before finding my way back to New Mexico, where I found a home that lasted almost 11 years.
I had been eying Vancouver from afar for damn near 10 years before the universe finally conspired for me to make the move. And there I was for almost 2 years. And now here I am in Ashland Oregon…

Wow that was a real nutshell version of my life :p

In short:

I am an aware, intelligent and emotional being; always looking for those that might broaden my horizons.

Activities and Interests:

First and foremost always trying to balance a stressful existence with a healthy one.I was born with the benefit of being a dual-citizen of US and Canada, and had spent the last few years trying out Canadian life in the beautiful Vancouver BC. Albeit a bust for me. I was able to gain a lot of good growth and awareness from the experience and now find myself in the even more enchanting Ashland Oregon, where I believe I should truly be.Other than eagerly seeking employment and hustling a little bit of labor on the side. I’m enjoying the exploration of myself in this conscious and humble environment. I fancy myself an amateur photographer (more images soon to come), and am doing my best to learn all about the world of photos. As part of that I have been enjoying walks about Ashland, taking in the many sites, smells and sounds. If I’m lucky I might be able to find time to play a video game or 2.I’m a huge media buff and am constantly downloading something. Its an endless task that I both love and hate.Last, but certainly not least – Thinking; to the point of obsessive analysis and arguably my detriment =) the curse of an over active mind and imagination.

Knowledge, as much as I can get.

I’m something of a wordy, I enjoy language and vernacular in all its forms, and as a result love scrabble, crosswords, word jumbles, creative writing, poetry, spoonerisms and general word play.Animals, from the creepy to the cuddly, I Love them all; especially my sweetest kitten Alyah!Music, Movies, Video Games; Mmm, yes, my digital crack. More, more, more.Laughter, In all its forms – Its medicine for the soul.My Friends and Family, Despite my inability to stay in touch I constantly think of every last one of you, and love and cherish you all Tears, hehe. That being said…Making an effort to reconnect with all the awesome people I’ve missed out on over the years. Yay for the digital age!Technology, Gadgets and Gear, The future is now!Star Wars, its kinda a theme with me, tattoos and all; then naturally anything Sci-Fi and of course Comic books in all their forms and likewise anything superhero related. So basically anything considered nerd or geek culture.I am learning to cook and bake, I have found I am quite good at both and greatly enjoy them.I am a big fan of mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular, reality show and all =pA lot of interest in the prophetic sciences: Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, to name a few.Religion, spirituality and science. The physical and the metaphysical. The esoteric.I will always have a special love for Sikhism and India, I truly don’t know where I would be with out those influences.Oh my, there is almost no end…to cut it short =) My interests are a very many, from the childish to the intellectual, and the vastness that lies between.
  • Age: 41
  • Joined: April 2010
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