50 questions !!!!

1 Do you like blue cheese?
Of course, it’s cheese.
2 Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
Which time cough.
3 Do you own a gun?
No but I can use one.
4 What flavour do you add to your drink at sonic?
What’s that.
5 Do you get nervous before a Doctors appointment?
Nope,they do I demand lollies.Especially the black jelly beans.
6 Do you like Hot Dogs?
7 Favourite christmas song?
Don’t have one.
8 What do you drink in the morning?
Couple of glasses of water,then a coffee.
9 Can you push-ups?
Yep,1 to get out of bed,4 to get up off the floor cos I tripped over the cat.
10 What’s your favourite meal?
None I like a wide range of things.
11 What’s your favourite piece of jewelry?
Don’t have a fav.
12 Favourite hobby?
Heaps,I’m always up to something,normally up to no good.
13 Do you work with people ‘who idolize you?
Yep 3 -— me,myself and I.
14 Name a trait that you hate about yourself ?
None I’m me,good and bad traits,I do tone the yucky one’s down - sometimes!
15 Middle name?
16 Name 3 thoughts at this moment?
Did I make a typo, are we gonna get this storm,should make a cuppa.
17 Name 3 things you brought yesterday?
18 Name 3 drinks you drink regularly?
Water,coffee,smoothies I make.
19 Current worry right now?
None worrying won’t fix It.
20 Favourite place to be?
Lots of places,even work huh!!!
21 Current hate right now?
I detest,cruelty in any form to animals,aged and children.And in that order too!!!
22 How did you bring in New Year?
Friends and family had a blast.
23 Favourite place to go?
saving to go back to Vanuatu.The Bunya National Park rocks.
24 What’s your recurring dream?
Heaps of dreams,not recurring.
25 Introvert or extrovert?
Everyone is yelling extrovert !!!! Bunch of Fibbers.
26 What colour shirt are you wearing?
I’m wearing an emerald green ball gown at 12.23am. Nah green shirt.
27 Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
No way they suck.
28 Can you whistle?
29 Favourite colour?
30 Would you be a pirate?
Sure would.
31 What songs do you sing in the shower?
None,you do that, you swallow water and make gurgling noises!!!!
32 Favourite girls name?
No favs I like Sylvia,Cassie,Skye.
33 Favourite boys name?
No favs I like Steven,Tony,Ricky and Mark.
34 Who is your loudest friend?
Depends how you describe loud,I’ve got heaps of happy ones.
35 What’s in your pocket right now?
No pockets on ball gowns.
36 Last thing that made you laugh?
Brought a raffle ticket off of a kid,he said to use his pen.It was quicker ???
37 Bed sheets as a child?
38 What was the worst injury you’ve ever had?
Done the cartlidge and ligament in my knee.
39 Do love where you live?
Always.I’ve lived heaps of places.
40 How many tv’s are in your house?
41 What’s your worst habit?
42 How many dogs do you have?
none -- at the moment.
43 Does some one have a crush on you?
Yep same people who work with me and idolize me.
44 Do you own slippers?
Nope,they suck too.
45 What is your favourite book?
None, I like wilbur Smith,history,nature.I not into stuff like Barbara Cartland.
46 What’s your favourite candy?
I like a lot of different things,probably chocolate and black jelly beans.
47 What is your favourite sports team?
Don’t have one.
48 What song do you want played at your funeral?
Won’t be having a service,they can raid my collection.Led Zepplin,Black Sabbath,
Suzi Quatro, Elvis,Midnight Oil.Can go else-where if they want country,punk,rap
or opera.
49 What were you doing at 12.00 am last night?
Getting ready for bed.
50 What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
Bloody cat -— run across my head again.

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