Undying Love

I’ve been writing a lot lately and the theme that keeps presenting itself, for some unknown reason, is death. I’m not a morbid person typically, but the stories keep coming, demanding to be told. I do not plan what I write. The tales appear in my mind, and it is my honor to put them to paper. Or in this case, computer. So it got me to thinking. People and animals die all the time, and when they leave they disappear forever. But what never vanishes is the love they leave behind. The love that they shared with the still living, breathing ones that have yet to punch out on life’s time clock. It seems that even though there is no longer a body present, the space is still filled with their essence, the love they gave and received through their lifetime. I realize that not everyone harbors the same amount of love, but everyone has the capacity to love, to feel it and own it and give it away. Some are stingy with their portions, doling out morsels to those forced to take scraps. Others overflow with honey dripping vats, and just being near those generous souls is like heaven on Earth for me. You see, I am a card carrying member of the honey love bunch, I wave my gooey banner wholeheartedly with pride for all the world to see. Hugs are the best, especially those that linger into the moment where two bodies essentially melt into each other, arms wrapped wide and tight around willing torsos. These hugs are not reserved for romance alone. Dear friends or relatives can enjoy this same embrace, without a trace of attraction involved. Stilted embraces stink. You know the kind. The “A” frame awkward leaning in of upper bodies, lower sections standing as far apart as possible, that annoying tap tap tap on the back as if the other person is saying, “see, I’m hugging you now. Do I get credit for this one?” No emotion, no feeling behind that sham act. I’d rather skip the whole charade than endure any more of those encounters, thank you.

What I’m getting at is my conclusion that love does not die. It cannot be cast aside or crushed, hidden or snuffed out. Not when the love was real and pure. True love lasts beyond the end of time and is life’s greatest gift. It does not cost anything, it does not need to be manufactured or forced. Love happens all by itself, and lots of love is born when you least expect it, emerging from thin air to comfort us while we’re here. Loving someone who won’t or can’t love you back is hell, I realize. So, I’m focusing more on the good, reciprocal love here instead. The old sayings stand the test of time… love heals all wounds, love is the answer, love thy neighbor, love is all there is… and many, many more. I love love. I love to love and I love being loved, whether it’s through friendship, family, or romantically, I love those lovin’ fabulous feelings. So now you know the truth about me. I am a tender-hearted sap that is deeply affected by the way of the world, by others, by creatures of all shapes and sizes. Not to say that I am an emotional basket case. I can control myself people! It’s just that I came into the world with an extra love gene and when things happen, I feel everything. I cannot shut it down or put it in a box for later. And why should I? I weep for robot people who meander through life untouched by anything, unable to connect on any level. In fact, though I doubt you are one of those lost souls if you’re still reading this, if you happen to be of that ilk, you would not even mind my pointing it out and you would not be offended by my words as, since you cannot feel for anything, then you cannot feel slighted by me. You want to know the crazy thing? I’m not even trying to slight anyone, in fact I used to try to sway the nasties, killing them with kindness in vain. I know better now. It’s like I teach Ava, there are plenty of lovely people in the world, you need not waste one breath of fresh air on trying to befriend a nasty person. They are bad news (as my mom used to refer to them) and like wild animals in cages, baring teeth and foaming at their mouths, it’s best to leave them alone in their pens. Stick with the goodies, I tell her. Leave those baddies alone, love bug. My greatest triumph is in knowing that I have successfully passed on my load-of-love gene to Ava, as she has been displaying the wonder of it since before she could pull herself up and scooch along, using furniture to steady her path. She will carry the torch long after I depart, maintaining this lovely lovin’ legacy. Along with an ocean of undying, unconditional, sweet never-endin’ mama love.

Undying Love

Ainsley Kellar Creations

Cincinnati, United States

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My take on undying love…

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