There should be two:

One for the person who is viewing my new red buble site, and one for the new red bubble site member..me! yay.

I have ha a Deviant Art account for a long time, but I woul like to get exposure for my artwork through some other, more professional an more serious venues an sites. It’s nothing agains DA, trust me, I love the community. I just decided to expand an post artwork in various locations on the net.

S o enjoy! I work very hard on my artwork and I am very driven as far as my art career is concerned. I want to make a name for myslef someday and I work very hard to create work I am proud of.

I will continue posting old work that is my strongest and new work as well.

I also will be comming out with some t-shird design series. Plz support, it would be great if I could at least make some o money off of this ;P

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