From Witchcraft to Christ series


Earth religion society, who walked with Artemis, who took ecstacy at midnight, and gave messages till morning, who went to the Tori Amos concert, then philosophized with coffee. Who read On the Road, but then denied Buddha for Ashteroth, who lived a flight life, with many selves, from one rush to the next, only to settle down in a rural community. Who divorced witchcraft for a pure anointing, visitation, and epiphany, and called Jeshua Shalom their source, revelation, and indwelling. Who became a new nation, and called relationship with Creator indigenous.
Who went to the head witches of the Golden Dawn, and did signs and wonders, who showed up at Goth Night to dance, ushering in the whirlwind of heavenly realms, which changed minds of dark connoisseurs, who were stalked by spellworkers, leaving evidence of magical workings at doorsteps which only backfired, who were happy, who were ministers, who prophecied a new sound in the church, who had no emotional attachment to affirmation of their ministries, who are here now, who are you and I, who multiply seed after our kind, indigenous. Who were up all night praying for that one brother, who found joy in their music being supernaturally natural, who taught that existence becomes new by the law of sowing and reaping, who look forward to the instant replay of the reunion of Paul and Stephen in heaven, while their own personal Saul of Tarsus rages out at them, but its o.k., you know, whose love is ingrained, whose peace cant be shaken despite faults, who fell in love with Peter J. Carrols soul, who walked up to a Satanist from Hollowpoint management to tell them that they are chosen by Christ, and that transformation will take place soon, who are here now, and listen, and listen, whose spiritual sons and daughters will reveal a glory of Christ noone did, who will work together, and not fight, who will be remembered, and needed, who will reveal the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is indigenous.

Dani Filth

Nocturnal Goth artist, howling opera of dark opiate, music as a witchcraft current, which way does his road take?
Bent over in war stance, he visits me in the spirit world. He wonders what is calling him, and I see by the Spirit of Christ, that he will rest 2 seasons after receiving Christ, then get up, and reveal Jesus. In love with God, he will be as a tornado, spinning among his family, and former companions, telling them of a heaven where they belong, not one that should be attacked. They listen. This is after a while, but will come. Dani, raise your arms, for true power is given to you from Christ. Thank you, we love you, never forget that. You are well supported in this, we prayer warriors. Live, rise up, be who you really are, eternal, predestined one.

Blood Type

Blood drops, 3 of them, smeared at the top, middle, and bottom of my stairway handle. I wipe off the still wet remains of this spellwork. A few nights previously, someone ran out of our condo as my roommate drove up. I knew it had to do with you, my dark opposite. Attack all you want, impotent means, only fighting yourself. One day youll know who sent me to your turf with a word of prophecy. The words are always fulfilled. Your friends are frustrated that nothing works on me. Dont you know that the Creator got into a body, and his sacrificial blood is the power that protects me? Resurrected, and now in my form, he expresses your future. Look at these others, turned into Christ embodiments, after having been the antimatter of their true existence in the black, the green, and the white. Now they are loved by a greater than their Diana, spoken to by a greater than their hate icon, and disciplined by a greater than the father of lies. Twisting, turning through the never, as Hetfield has said, then never defines himself, and these undeniable ones are like me, multiplying seed after our kind.
Where was the bouncer when I gave you a word of prophecy? He couldnt be found, and I walked out untouched, because I am the highest principality in that club. My God will take over where I left off. You are me, and thats what I came to show you.


Such confidence, black arts sage, exquisite Goth writer. Warm and friendly, he develops around past writings, and builds on a theme. He knows not that he is my spiritual son. Who knows what a day may bring forth? Things will prove to not be as they appear. Morning will break, and he will have known the night, but will be found in the statement, express image of God as Christ. Epitaphs dont always have to be for the grave. Let him talk to you of the daylight revelation that was always only for him, noone else. Manifest it, my son, I love you. Here you are. Now! Now! Angels, do your thing, ha ha! Splash, nocturnal Christos, thief of witchcraft, the true Bender, and the ultimate fulfillment of all Konstantinos wrote of. The River runs deep, and contains you.

These Tears

These tears are gone. They made you sacrifice your baby to him, these power hungry possessed ones, who know not that they are loved. She would’ve been 5 today, and like a ghost in the fog she haunts you, her memory cuts you. These, these tears are gone. This is not mere hippie love, this is the Creator, and his presence has chosen you plus two of them, none can resist this disintegrator of yesterday. You are pregnant with what you were in eternity, remembering, seeing it again. Seeing Christ, this new day is revealed in you, plus 2 of them. Something so holy evolving from the blackest horror. Tell your story.

Prophecy and Tiffany

Trees howled in blackness, and we worshipped. Hecate came, and so did we, sex magic, part of the Great Work. Listen, and what is that? Jesus presence is here, the atmosphere like a new world, but why? Who is praying for us? Don would get up, and go with this shining light in the midst. So would Monica. They left, and we, the bewildered ones, staring at each other. We intensified our work, but then the letters started coming. We found out whod been interceding for Monica. Each letter the word of his Lord, each letter like a sledgehammer of power, that we would read, and not know why we were reading. We sought the wisdom of those older than us, and they helped us grow, evolve, and KAFR/zeper seemed to be on the way. The prophet pinpointed Tiffany, saying that she would evangelize L.A. , gathering our kind into Christs kingdom.
We moved on, forgot, and the letters ceased. Tiffany changed, got into her career, but Christianity certainly wasnt on her mind. Almost a decade later she did, in fact, become a Christian, and is part of an L.A. ministry.


I will now desecrate the alters that enable death scars to scream at you in the night. Anxiety root insomnia nocturnal river catching thoughts from its flow. Sorry its been like this, but you must be brought to the place where you know its me youre looking for. Im calling you home in your soul. Look at me, and youll become like me, so, welcome to the complex, diverse, but real you.

The Occult vs. Christianity: Teaching and Interviews (Teaching DVD -set of 2) by Doug Wentz
Doug Wentz – (SKU#: NM25280)

Price: $18.00

Disc 1 is on intercession for people involved in the occult, planting the seed of the Word of God, and the deliverence process. The difference between outer order and inner orders within cults, whether having to do with Hermetic Orders, Chaos Magic, or Satanism. Disc 2 has interviews with a Witch from the Feri Tradition, an ex-metaphysical practitioner who is now a Christian, Doug’s spiritual mother Apostle Zion Lawrence, a warfare dance by Doug, and more.

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From Witchcraft to Christ series


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