Childhood Robbed

i write for me
i create for me
to deal with the pain
to mask the lie
i wear on the outside
i create for me
i share and expose myself
my vulnerability
of being scrutinized
and misunderstood
by others
each layer i uncover
pungent with past hell
i have survived
molested as a child
raped as a woman
betrayed by love
yet finally safe
from the devils
that victimized me
i sing for myself
a song of praise
that somehow i made it
despite all of the trauma
the child inside has known
i try so hard
to be decent
to add to
rather than take away
no longer hiding beneath
the shame
of what was done to me
funny… i thought i deserved it
and if i stay still long enough
that little girl tucked inside
still sobs for
a childhood robbed

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