Public Saint~ Private Witch

Silent tears streaked hot flames down the
sparsely-freckled plains of his face,
As the solitary figure tread omniously
through waist-high grasses and brush,
Hazel eyes- grown dark – cut beneath
furrowed chocolate brows,
Clenching his fists by his sides, the boy
marched onward,
Toward the light that signified home,
Could they see how she had touched him?
Could they smell the faint traces of talcum
powder and tea rose on his flesh?
Condemn the victim for the predator’s crime~
Never let him know that he was not at fault~
Never make her pay
for destroying innocence and trust
Never let him love for he “deserves no one”
Consecrate her soul to hell’s crimson flames!

Copyright ©2008 Hannah Adrian Rogers

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