Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments.

Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments.

Definitions of Terms Used:

Quantum Physics (QP) : Quantum is a unit of energy that can be subatomic or as large as the universe and in mixtures of all possibilities. This is also known as So Is Above So Is Below.

Quantum Physics has allowed scientists the tools to answer questions such as: Why does the sun give light, is the sky blue and does this dress make my butt look fat. The one question it has failed to answer is: How do cats purr? To date, this still goes unanswered.

MUD: Infinite Multiple Universal Dimensional Possibilities States of Existence which is way too long to write so we will call it MUD for short

SPC: Shared Planetary Consciousness. A term coined by Carl Jung meaning: Your lower self’s “reality” that you are experiencing at this moment with your fellow life forms.

Basic 6th Dimensional Universal Truths

Quantum Physics and All Spiritual Teaching say the same thing in different ways.

Quantum physics uses math.

The Spiritual Teachings use words, metaphors and makes for better kung fu movies.

This is what they both teach.
1. Time and consciousness are not linear. Every thing is happening at the same instance. There is no past, there is no future, no space, no time. There is only this instance which has and always will exist, in infinite multiple dimensions and /or parallel possibilities and realities. Got that?

2. Light travels both as a wave and as particles.
When these particles slow down they become mass.
When they go really slow they become Republicans.

Both mass and light can appear in the form of waves, bits of mass, or energy and in a mixture of all possibilities …And can change from one state to another INSTANTANEOUSLY. This is know as Wave Particle Duality, which Max Born formulated to explain his wife’s mood swings.

3 .Consciousness is faster then light.

4. Every thing is touching. Nothing is Separate.
It is the illusion of self, linear time and space that manifests the experience of separation.


If you shoot an electron through an object with 2 slits in it, the electron will either:

A. If UNOBSERVED: The electron will travel as a wave through both slits. The electron splits apart goes through both slits at the same instant as a wave form resulting in a Jackson Pollock painting.

B. If OBSERVED: The electron goes through both slits, taking on the physical pattern of the 2 slits by turning into mass.

Physicists tell us that whether A or B occurs is dependant on:
If the electron is being observed and the consciousness of the observer.
Now, that’s really deep.

Physicists knew if they could explain this quantum mystery they could answer one of Human-kinds most important question: Just what happens during a mentalpausal moment?

Ok, imagine this.
You are spray painting a rose on a board using a template.
When you remove the template you will have either
a rose on a board or a bunch of paint splashes.
The result depends on whether you were present in the now or “spacing out” in a mentalpausal moment.

Scientist and mathematicians, by observing their wives, came to 2 separate theories not realizing they really were the same theory. They didn’t know about Zen.

I will explore one of these theories:

The Copenhagen Theory of Mentalpausal Moments As It Pertains To The Superposition Principle of Quantum Physics.

Before computers, Dr. Schrödinger observed that no matter how many times he let out the cat it was always sitting by the door waiting to be let out. He correctly deduced that cats are multidimensional beings that do not conform to the laws of known physics when not being observed.

Eureka! He shouted. He finally understood what was happening with the electron and spray paint. While it was not being observed, and by using magic, the electron was free to express itself in Infinite Multiple Universal Dimensional Possibilities.. ( MUD) which all occur in the same instance.

What is so amazing about this theory is that Schrödinger came up with it without the use of heavy drugs.

So, in the same instant the electron can be in 2 places at one time. Or that the paint is all / both / and /or / a rose/ Jackson Pollock painting. This lead to the understanding that women, like electrons, do not have to exist in one state or another, but can exist in a mixture of the two, in waves of possibilities in different quantum states. Dr. Richard Feynman named this phenomenon A Mentalpausal Moment.

Remember, while this electron is a MUD state it can be in two places in the same instant.

This is a fact: If you mess with the electron in one “dimensional space” the same electron in the “other dimensional space” reacts instantly, faster then light, and has been known to come back and kick ass . This is often mistaken for Karma. I suggest that it is good thing to visualize electrons sitting on a beach sipping margaritas or doing other pleasing things.
Soon, mathematicians and physicists realized that to prove Schrödinger’s theory, they would use up all the trees, paper and pencils on the planet, resulting in global warming occurring 25 years early. So our Canadian friends, Donald B. Gillies and some buddies
got all their mentalpausal wives together, hooked them to electrodes, fed them chocolate, coffee, pasta and wine. The wives simultaneous hot flashes gave birth to the first super conductor. The rest is computer history. Now physicist could let the computer do their thinking for them.

One Benefit of the Copenhagen Theory is that it answered the Broken Cup Question which has plagued women since Eve
It asks: How come I was holding the cup and now I am not ?

This is what happens.
You are here participating in the Shared Planetary Consciousness ( SPC) of the lower self. Then you have a “mentalpausal moment” which is to be in a MUD state for way less then a nanosecond. Now while in that nanosecond, since you are not here and not observing, the electrons that make up the cup are having their own MUD moment and being free to do as they please, they decide that they would rather share reality with the floor, so they jump out of your hand, making a noise, which then snaps you back to this SPC reality leaving a bewildered confused woman to deal with a coffee stains and shattered glass.

The Health and Wellness experts understand that experiencing MUD zaps you. This is because it uses a lot of energy to achieve a state of duality through non awareness and to transcend the illusion of time and space. Its is strongly recommended that this is a good time to take a nap.

Jackson Pollock painted Number 1 as a way to explain the Double Split Experiment and because the result of the unobserved electron looked liked something he would paint. He prepared for this by achieving a state of non awareness through consuming vast amounts of liquor and women. Many women have tried to achieve enlightenment by combining the Pollock Technique with mentalpause. I strongly advises against this, as it always leads to disastrous results and a dependency on Prozac.

Native Americans, Esoteric Masters and Shakespeare teach that the Shared Planetary Consciousness reality we experience is just an illusion. We are but a dream being dreamed by our God Self to put it into very lose terms. You could spend a life time studying these teachings and still be clueless.

Or you could read Dune by Frank Herbert. Mr. Herbert studied these teachings and then by adding a plot and a few twists with some fascinating characters, he was able to turn these teachings into a really good book, which resulted in becoming an never ending series, which still continues, even after his death. This is the mark of a Good Writer.

Expectations and Quantum Physics.
It is the expectation of the observer that dictates the outcome of the experiment.

Observing an electron or woman, through the expectations of lower self, causes the electron or woman to conform to the reality and expectations of the of the observer. The observer is usually the woman, observing herself, being observed, by herself. This is sooo Zen. The electron does not do this last part as its not its thing and would rather pick up strange carbon molecules to go party with.

In the Buddhist teachings the first step to enlightenment is to let go of all expectations and attachments which are known as glamour’s. You have to stop identifying with a 3 dimensional self.
This is really hard.

Max Born, after long discussions with Schrödinger’s cat, used QP to prove that during mentalpausal moments women are actually experiencing a MUD state, which are fueled by Hot Flashes. During these moments the veil separating the dream and the dreamer is lifted. The reason for this is to teach and familiarize women with the experience of losing all illusions of self, time, space and bladder control, which is the first step to reconnecting with our God Self.

When you achieve total enlightenment, you are then free to become a bunch of paint splatters on a canvas hanging in the Museum of Modern Art some where in the Cosmic Consciousness. This is what the electron did.

While in a 3 dimensional reality, women can only become MUD beings in micro-small quantum bursts, as the energy needed to sustain total awareness infinitely in parallel multi-dimensional universes would take a hot flash that would equal all the suns in all existence. This would way over load our physical bodies and would cause the earth to burst in a solid ball of flame destroying all life. Please be advised that unless you are hanging our with the Dali Llama or with a Medicine Woman, be content with then nano-instances of MUD awareness.

For now, sometimes just getting the laundry folded and put away is enough.

I would like to thank quantum physicists for the solace I take from the knowledge that even while I am doing some stupid half brained boner and screwing up everything At That Same Moment in another dimension I have achieved total enlightenment.

Now here’s the cool thing. It been proven that on a quantum level what happens to one you affects all other yous instantaneously, like the electron in the experiments. Because of this you have access to the joy and bliss of becoming One with all Creation that another you is experiencing. And since these yous are not separate but one, you are a really big you.

You now are beginning to understand that you exist simultaneously, in both mass and a wave of pure light spanning multiple dimensions each having a different “reality”. Experiencing this may take on the form of a daydream. When women find ourselves in a “day dream” what they are really doing is visiting another multidimensional self on a quantum level, usually going to a place that can fill a void. Lonely, they day dream of love, Poor, they day dream of riches. Through this they experience a micro-burst of another self’s existence and pull wave energy from it.

Somewhere there is a you that is Bill Gates rich. Every possibility is happening now according to the theory of Parallel Universes, and you exist in each possibility. Yes, there is even a you that can program the T.V. remote control.

So the next time you find yourself standing in the kitchen clueless as to why,
its is because you, in one brief instance, had just become one with The All, by experiencing an Infinite Multiple Universal Dimensional Possibilities State of Existence, or a mentalpausal moment. This is your service to humanity.

To learn more on Quantam Physics
PBS /Nova’s TheElegantUniverse

It is fascinating and is easy to understand.
The truly amazing thing about this series is that the host, Brian Greene, a quantum physicist, would look good naked.

Like you would really enjoy seeing him naked.
What are the odds on that?
Using the Chaos of Mathematics, The laws of Probability as defined by Ian Hackin and throwing ancient runes, it comes to 200,000,000. To 1.

You may create your own
Double slit Diffraction Experimen.
It is no more complicated to perform then to open your email. This is good solid quantum fun!

If you wish to have deeper understanding of Life, The Universe And Everything

I hope this article has been helpful in giving some clarity into the ancient mysteries of mentalpause as it relates to quantum physics, The Esoteric Teachings and cats.

" The reason it is hard to stay optimistic is because 90 percent of space is filled with dark matter when experienced in a 3 dimensional reality."
Schrödinger’s cat.

Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments.


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