New in Town.

Hello every one,

I am so pleased to show my work on redbubble.
I have seen so much beautiful work here in all mediums.

This is my first day uploading and trying to figure out how it all works, adding links, icons, joining groups etc. My brain is spinning and I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes.

I will be adding my Bio. later ( as soon as I write it. LOL). Until then, a little about me.
I had been a professional sculptor and furniture maker for 30+ years untill health reasons mandated that I find a gentler way to create.
I studied art and art history at the Institute Of Art in Chicago and continue to through reading, exploring and working with other artist / craftspeople.

In the last few years I also have studied / taught myself jewerly design, painting and digital art.

I long to own a Mac, photoshop and a waccam graphics tablet . I dream of the day I can play with tools that allow me to create my visions.

I love to make up fake magazines and articles. I have already submitted one earlier which is an article I wrote for Goddess Magazine, which you will soon see more of .

It is called Using The Esoteric Teachings, Quantum Physics And Schrödinger’s Cat In Explaining Mentalpausal Moments. Yes, though I do not understand quantam physics I am a groupie.

I hope you enjoy my gallery and my writting.


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