“Victorian Virtue” - Excerpt – Ride Up Action - Myrtle Creek 1851 [Molly]

[Chapter 10: pp56]

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Jack went to it. He returned with a smartly dressed man of roughly his own age. The wavy brown hair left lose now his hat was in his hand. George turned and frowned.

‘Ah there you are.’ The lad smiled at George. ‘The barman said I’d possibly find you up here.’ The two men shook hands warmly like brothers. Then the new comer smiled at the people before him.

George introduced him to the others. ‘Matthew Wallace esquire.’ He indicated the others with his hand. ‘The Reverend Hamilton, his wife and son, Jack Urquhart and Molly Daintree.’
Matt smiled happily at each person in turn then looking at Molly last stared stunned. He took her hand and kissed her knuckles.
‘Mamzelle.’ He whispered. ‘Your sister Amanda sends you her love.’
‘Yes. She is fine and well and has made the trek to her country property in good time.’ He smiled.
‘Karra? She went to Karra?’ Molly smiled then; suddenly very proud of her sister.

Of course she would have, she’d been so full of plans when last they’d been there. She had the buildings all mapped out and had spent a day digging lines in the soil to mark out the vine rows. She wasn’t about to let that man tell her she couldn’t have her land. She had turned squatter. How pleased she’d be when Molly could hand her the deeds so she’d never have to leave. The deeds, and Mary; where was Mary?

Jack saw her face change and squatted down to her. ‘Molly?’ he asked softly.
‘Oh Jack, if only I knew Mary was safe.’ She turned to him, he had positioned himself so she had to turn right around to the side and thus her face was away from the rest and as his face was so low to the chair she hid his from the others too.
‘She is.’ He told her in a barely audible whisper, his eyes willing her to realise it was a secret.
‘How…? You know…?’ his finger on her lips silenced her hushed anxieties.
‘She is safe for now. Trust me?’ she stared deeply into his amazing eyes and knew her wealth; she could trust him as much as she could trust George and the doctor. She nodded and his lips kissed her fingertips on the chair before him and then he stood up.

This new comer Matthew Wallace was standing with George and he’d commented on how she looked so much like her sister, Amanda’s flaming red hair aside.
‘They all look alike then for Miss Molly here looks the image of her sister Mrs Hamilton.’ Jack said.
George and Matthew looked to the reverend’s wife. She took it as a cue to enter back into the conversation and she snatched the chance to wedge it open and attempt to take control again.
‘I agree Mary and Margaret here look similar but that ungainly trollop Amanda could never claim to be in their league of appeal.’
The men stared at her in stunned surprise. Molly burst into tears again and Jack bent to comfort her.

Then as if heralded heard from the town, through the open front door and windows, there was a mad frantic pace of hooves cutting through shouts and screams from both humans and horses. George and Matt looked out of the window then ran to the door to see a horse come galloping full pelt up the main street. Molly and Jack, followed by the two Hamilton men, also came to the door and all spilled out onto the porch.

Molly hugged the porch post as she saw the huge horse come straight for her. At the last moment the rider pulled up shortly. All Molly could see was the horse’s front hooves pawing the air and his big chest and stomach blocking all else, while his massive rear quarters nearly sat on the ground. The rider stepped off the saddle before the horse had fully righted himself and threw the reins over his head as she strode up the path. Her hat had landed in the dust her red hair flying but she wore pants and shirt like a man. It was her sister Amanda and Molly sucked her bottom lip, now hugging the post in glee.

Matt took the two steps down from the porch to meet her and she squared off to him.
‘How dare you!’ she demanded of him her voice so venomous he actually blanched.
‘What?’ he asked a picture of innocence.
‘Where is he?’ When Matt refused to answer she turned on George. ‘You’ve found him so where the devil is he?’
‘Now Amanda…’ Matt began, placing a placating hand on her arm to match his tone of voice.
She turned back swinging a fist and he landed face down in the dirt of the road side.
‘Don’t you dare!’ she hissed at him slowly, precisely; the sound more powerful than any screech.

Molly watched her sister turn and stride back down the path, pausing only briefly enough to collect her hat, and after running a hand through her hair push the leather hat on her head. She then pulled her father’s gun from the holster in her saddle.

Scared she’d do something crazy Molly stepped away from the post to go stop her sister but George restrained her. He had seen another rider galloping up and pointed him out to Molly.

She watched her sister march down the road to the hotel looking at the gun, checking the loading and cocking and not seeing the man come galloping up. Molly grabbed George’s arm as she watched him lean out still at full gallop and snatch the gun from Manda’s hands.

‘Wha…?’ Amanda spun about and thrust her hands on her hips and they watched him pull up his tired blown horse along side the others at the gate. ‘Damn you Ted Croft! Give that back!’

‘Sorry Boss.’ Ted handed Matt the rifle. ‘She can pick her damn moments! Caught me with my pants down!’ He watched as the younger man spat a bloody glob back to the dirt. ‘Caught you unawares too I see.’
Matt took a moment to run a hand through his hair and push his hat back on, the action hauntingly familiar to hers. He then frowned at the older man.
‘What are you both doing here?’ Matt asked his voice straining with control.
‘Her idea. She found out about George’s last note and, well… took off after you. So I took off after her. By the time I caught up with her it was closer to come on than go back. And, well…’
‘You didn’t want to be left out.’ Matt said to him smiling tightly, knowingly.

‘Neither did I!’ Amanda hissed, her face suddenly inches from Matt’s, her hands on the gun between them, her hat brim slid under his. She pulled, he restrained. Her eyes narrowed ‘Thank you.’ She growled through gritted teeth.
‘Go home Manda.’ He warned not in anyway intimidated by her.
‘Piss off Wallace.’ She hissed back, so close to him Molly expected them to kiss.

They remained an inch from each other glaring into each other’s eyes the loaded gun between them. Everyone watched them unreservedly, captivated by the passionate tension between them. The air crackled around them; they were electrifying.

Molly stared at Amanda. The last time she’d seen her sister; she was gawky and wore an ill fitting smock of a dress. Now here she was, brazenly beautiful and powerful, standing up to the man, angrier than she’d ever seen any woman and mighty enough to use that anger as power to eliminate the cause. She moved to her, drawn like a moth to the flame.
‘Mandy?’ Molly asked her voice small with awe. She stepped up closer to her sister. ‘Mandy mother died.’

Amanda turned then and looked down at her sister. She gave up her hold on the gun and turned fully to Molly and gathered her into her arms and the two young women hugged Molly clinging for dear life to the family she thought she’d lost forever!

“Victorian Virtue” - Excerpt – Ride Up Action - Myrtle Creek 1851 [Molly]


Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

This is 1 part of 3
It’s the end of the Molly story
The same scene will be witnessed by the reader at the end of the other 2 story’s written to be consecutive with this story – but of course they’ll be in the view of their leading lady

Bear with me it’s a big book and a new concept for me!
Enjoy! ~ adg

The other sections of this scene

The confusion in the name Daintree (people thought it was set in the Daintree Rain Forest) has prompted me to change the names it is now Victorian Volumes and the sir name is Radnor

Hopefully I can update the edits in here soon!
Chookas! ♥

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