MOUNTAIN MADNESS [part four] (15+)

She stood up clutching the rug to her as best she could with her good hand but swayed alarmingly. In two strides he caught her and sat her back on the bed.
‘Gently lass.’ He said softly
‘I need the loo.’ She half whispered, sweat beading on her top lip and brow.
‘I’ll get you the chamber pot.’ He compromised
However she was too unsteady to use it alone. To her chagrin he stayed and steadied her.
‘It’s a natural function, nothing to be ashamed of.’ he coaxed her but she just could not get over the hurdle and use it before him.
So he set a wad of paper on one of the chairs and a folded towel and sat her on that and left the cabin. When he returned she had dropped the towel in the water bucket beside the bed and crawled back into bed. Smiling he saw to burning the paper and taking the towel out to rinse and then hang before the fire. When he went back over to her he found her asleep. The desire to slide in behind her again was strong but he needed to bury Bess and get a wood stack in and he needed to get her down the mountain to the hospital to see to her hand.

He saw to making a pot of tea and pouring himself a mug full. He set a pot of porridge on and stood drinking his tea stirring it gently. Her clothes hanging on the horse before the fire felt dry enough for her to wear down to the hospital. He supposed her family would bring her more, or he’d have to buy her some. It hit home that he knew absolutely nothing about her. She may not even have family. If he brought Ted back up with him to get her rover up and help him get the bloody thing started, then Ted could take it down for her.

‘What’s your name?’ he heard her ask softly.
He looked over from the fire to see she was facing him curled in the rugs her eyes big and beautiful.
‘Andrew, Drew.’
‘Hello Drew, I’m Lucy.’
He grinned ‘Hi.’
‘Are my clothes dry?’
‘Pretty much. I’ll take you down in a sec, have to bury Bess first.’

She waited a moment and then let it slip as if not realising she was saying it aloud. ‘I hate hospitals.’
‘They’ll set your hand then you can go home.’
She closed her eyes and said nothing more.

He stirred the porridge.
‘I need to finish my work first before the snow comes or I’ll have to do it all over again.’ she said quietly
‘Snow’s here already. That cold front brought it last night.’
‘Damn!’ she hissed
‘What are you doing up here?’
‘Measuring the impact of the cattle and horses on the high plains.’

He held his breath and calmed down. He wasn’t a cattleman as such but he was on their side. These greenies were destroying an established way of life. The land had accommodated them for long enough and without them it could be more destructive than with them.
‘You a breeder?’ she asked and he realise she’d read his expression accurately.
‘Not as such but I sympathise with them.’
‘Well don’t go giving me any of that destruction of tradition and way of life crud.’ She started using a defense as an attack and anger flared in him ‘That’s not going to win the battle. The indigenous won’t be sympathetic to you and the government will take that side. You need hard evidence that without the cattle grazing up top now, the land will suffer.’
He stared at her, stunned to realise that she was actually on the side of the grazers.
‘Porridge.’ She prompted and he turned to save the bubbling mixture.
By the time he turned back with two bowls of hot mixture she was asleep again.

He ate then banked up the fire and went out to see to Bess and his chores. During the morning the clouds banked up again and he was shaking snow from his hat and shoulders as he stepped back up onto the cabin veranda. He would have to take her down now or they may not get down and he wasn’t sure if he’d get back up again. He paused on the step to look back. Should he let Fred out and leave a roll in his reach? But a yell and a crash demanded his attention inside and when he entered the cabin he found her tossing again.

He saw to settling her, wiping her brow and arms to cool her. Finally she relaxed and lay still but then he was presented with her beautiful nakedness as the doona only covered her waist and legs. He needed to pull it up but he stared at her breasts, how the dusky rose nipples stood erect in the cool air. He dared touch one, trace the curve with his fingertip. It had been a few years since he’d been with a woman and he ached to explore it again. Such softness and the gentle curve. Her skin was creamy and like the velvet muzzle of a newborn calf. She was a beautiful woman. He wondered if her cheek felt as soft.

He looked up at her face and found her staring at him. He felt slightly embarrassed but she didn’t seem to be stopping him. His throat went dry and he swallowed. With his finger still on her breast he was well and truly caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Belatedly he snatched it back and looked to the floor thoroughly embarrassed. She drew the doona up and closed her eyes. Not that she was embarrassed about her state or his actions but that he’d not continued made her feel oddly sad inside. His apology made her feel worse.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Don’t be.’ She tried to tell him that she truly never wanted him to be sorry for touching her, for wanting her; how she longed to be wanted, but lack of practice meant it came out gruff and he took it wrong.
‘I don’t usually molest ill women.’
‘But you molest healthy ones?’ retreating into humour saved face
‘No, that’s not what I meant.’
‘Drop it.’ she said tiredly. ‘If you get me my clothes please I can get up and out of your hair.’
‘Where to? You planning on walking the hundred ks into town or hauling your truck up yourself?’
‘Well I thought I’d actually walk the hundred meters up to my camp and radio for my support team.’

He strode over to get her clothing from the airer and she wondered why he seemed angry.

‘They won’t have time to get up here and then get you back to town.’ he seemed to snap at her with some sort of malice attached; almost like a child pouting his mate was choosing to go home! ‘I don’t even know if I’ll have time now to get you down. I know I won’t be able to get back up if I do.’
‘Oh come off it, it’s Australia not Canada.’
Too late she realised her mistake as soon as she’d finished speaking.
‘Precisely. Canada like England and other snow bound countries have roads that are maintained to keep them open throughout the winter, they only close in the worst of blizzards.’ He collected her clothing from the airer. ‘Where as here we have no alpine road maintenance on any except the major roads and lady,’ he handed her her clothes bending low to look directly at her ‘My track is barely passable in rain let alone sleet, ice or snow.’
He turned and walked out of the cabin, pulling the door closed sternly behind him.

~ adgray©2009

part five

MOUNTAIN MADNESS [part four] (15+)


Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

What was a woman doing alone on the side of a mountain in an old landrover anyway?
Drew supposed he’d have to rescue her … exactly why he gave up people! They always needed rescuing!
It suddenly hit him she could have been in it had she’d been successful with the winch cable and not trapped outside.
Too late she realised her mistake as soon as she’d finished speaking. He seemed to snap at her with some sort of malice attached; almost like a child pouting his mate was choosing to go home!

Just a bit of mountain madness (lol) a story exploring a fantasy (still only hinting at raunchiness lol)
Not really a kids story and I have no idea where it’s going but it’ll while away a cuppa break!

Chookas! ♥

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  • adgray
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  • adgray
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