"The Soul of a Poet" - who me?

This is an extension of the idea I posed in the Poets & Beautiful Women Forum

Shoaib MMost people believe that we have a soul… but what exactly is it and where is it? Please come and respond to this forum because I think that everyone has different opinions on this matter and I would like to hear all your thoughts

ME -For starters I reckon what we have that we feel that people call “A Soul” or our “Spirit” is an extension of the life force that governs the universe – electricity gravity philosophy love – it’s all connected ….. and so for we artist who have the closer acceptance of it and the clearer awareness of it and thus tap into that more like segue’s for the others who are less attuned we use this fuller force to create the culture of the world ……

& that is why people say we “have the Soul of a Poet”

My extension of that idea:
( Thriting Now – that’s writing as I think lol very dangerous! lol )

If you were to envision just power
some movie makers have created swirls of coloured gassy like smokey fog stuff
and within it are sparks and flares of energy
Right now envision that there are extensions of this power reaching to a “Negative” power source – these two masses of power are attracted to each other [as only nature can create]
Ok now these extensions of power connect into humans ….
and we call it “our soul” – when it is in fact the part of the en mass power “Life” Force “Soul” that we are responsible for – that feeds us helps us to think to live to perceive to do and in turn uses us to seek like power sources and information of what our senses detect and to connect with the opposite power Life force – negative to positive / positive to negative

_Ok here I want to propose a 7th dimension – something we have never allowed ourselves to comprehend yet we live it every day – not 2 dimension [seeing the planes of an object] or even 3 dimension [where you can see an object has form and depth] but 7th (chosen cos I thought it was vacant! lol)
where 3 dimensional seen things and tangible objects intermingle
and the “Unseen” intermingle around, throughout, without and within_
…… Can you imagine that? Can you allow your mind to think of layering life …….
overlaying understandings like you do with images on a picture ……..
Every comprehended understanding overlayed & intermingled with every other one

This is the energy we call “Life”
and I propose that we are all part of it and this I think is our soul not an individual one but awareness of a collective one

So How do I see art as being involved in that?

Part of that energy is LOVE

As I said earlier there is a positive and a negative – there has to be for something to exist [scientists will concur that!] and as such they are of equal value – we need BOTH in balanced measure to exist!
…… well there is positive & negative love

We associate art and viewing art as an expected positive awareness and yet the negative is also there – bad art we call it or unattractive, mistakes, horrible, whatever – NOT the art we were expecting so that we could feel happy from experiencing it BUT that does not devalue it as art … just donates it as negative not positive art

Yes I am breaching on the massive philosophical questions of right & wrong, good & evil, beauty & ugly ….. but we should all be very aware that what is perceived as ugly to one could be perceived as great beauty to another or vice versa – and so is it of everything

So art is a way of finding the beauty/ugliness of “Life”
But not all souls can create art the way they would like to
I adhere to the belief – “everyone can do anything – the results are up to perception”
◘ anyone can dance
- but is what s’he shows by doing it giving the right result that the dancer intended for those who watch?
◘ anyone can sing
- but again are the results going to receive the required reaction that the singer expects? or even that the listener expects?
◘ we can all paint [even animals can!] take photos, write something, model in clay, etc …
- but are the pieces created going to give the creator the expected reaction?

When the expectations are received as intended then the artist is perceived to be a success – even if it is a negative piece for that was the expectation

( I’m getting to the point lol )

But because many are disappointed their attempts fail to receive their expected reaction and indeed receives the complete opposite they refuse to create any further and instead turn to those who’s attempts do receive the expected reactions from the audience that gathers & follows.

I believe that artists depart messages of goodness and evil from the forces through their creative abilities.
Usually they choose the topic but often the topic chooses them!
How often do we hear writers say – “the story wrote itself!”
It happened to me with a novel and happens every time I allow myself to go looking for a picture and end up writing an ekphrasis [usually a poem] to something that “Spoke” to me
Artists can’t always say where they got their inspiration …
And when it is surprisingly good and seemingly perfect we call it Fluke!

And in the negative also – we sometimes say words to the effect of “The devil possessed him to do that!”

When you look at history you see that the BOOKS about it may actually cover up the reality
History books were approved of by politicians of the day to tell the story that the politics wanted known
Now that we have instant reporting systems that are NOT governed by the political powers [satellite, cameras, phones, internet, etc] the politics can no longer hide their perceived negative truths

Where then do we get historical truths? From culture created by artists and from the general public’s personal records. The cross references of these give the historical fact relevance. The perceptions give it value – positive or negative.

Artists there fore are the true power of the life we perceive
Art has been with us from the beginning of our awareness
It is all around us and we use it every day [even if we are not acclaimed artists]

But the artists who bring the emotional messages of LOVE are the ones we hold in reverence as “artists”.

Poets are acclaimed as the ones who tell the messages of LOVE the clearest in their rhythmic and rhyming words and the most popular are the ones the general populace can understand

( I reckon Highbrow Poetry is so overrated! )

Many of our most liked poems are now Songs! – pop songs, jingles, Raps …..

However painters and then photographers have taken the mantle from the Bards of old as their art like dance and music is not bound by language.
[writings require translation from one language to the next and some meaning can be lost in that and intentions misread!]

But the quote – “The Soul of a Poet” still remains from the ancient days [when poetry was fashionable] and really means the awareness of the “Life” force of an artist!

( Well that’s my idea of it! lol )

Shoaib wrote a poem about it the Epiphany of a soul for all to see & comment on!

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"The Soul of a Poet" - who me?


Frankston, Australia

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This was written as a reply to Shoaib M’s question posed here [for those in the group who can see it!]

For those who cant, Shoaib wrote a poem about it
the Epiphany of a soul
…….. for all to see & comment on!

Chookas! ♥

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