Freedom Pioneers : "Expeditions" [Ch8iii]

CHAPTER EIGHT Continues ….

Michael stopped worrying about the men. Rhiannan was suddenly commanding all his attention. Distracted only by Roulade up to her tricks beside him, her mouth and hands busy seducing Grey. At one point he felt Roulade’s rump pushing into his hip and he looked to see it naked her dress ruched up and Grey’s hand holding the woman’s knee over his lap. Daringly he slapped the rump and she gave a surprised yelp which became a purr her hand stroking his hip and thigh, the long nail of her little finger teasing him. He knew where she would make this night go. No man was safe when Roulade and her dancers began.

What Michael needed to work out was what Rhiannan’s part would be in this. Did she know what would happen? Was she agreeable to it? Maloney knew, he’d convinced Grey he’d never have a better time. Fairchild came along too as he was now the first mate and would be party to such privileges now.

Michael looked up to the man now shirtless and concentrating on the breasts of the woman dancing her knees either side of one of his thighs her body gyrating to his administrations. He looked over and saw Maloney had his lap full again and was taking full advantage of it. Beside him Roulade was now very busy with Grey and the dancers on the deck opposite were paying no one any attention other than their partners.

And then Rhiannan crawled up his leg and kissed him. Her body was pulsing to the music, her eyes were closed and her tongue delved into his mouth teasing him seeking him.
‘Do you know …?’ he began and felt her hand pushing on his stomach then her fingers leading the way down his trouser front. ‘Rhiannan, sweet…’ her mouth covering his demanding he kiss her cut him off as her hand reached its objective.

Growling with sheer willpower he pushed her up off him. She looked into his eyes and he saw the same drug-like glazed look that he’d seen in her eyes in the cell and he knew he wanted her to come to him in her full faculties or not at all.

‘No! Not this way.’ He told her and climbed out to his feet. He pulled her to hers finding he needed to support her. ‘Roulade, you minx, what have you done to her?’ He hissed down to their hostess who was being thoroughly pleasured by the Lord Grey, his clothing open and in such disarray rendering him almost naked.

‘Take her to your bed. She will sleep and remember nothing.’ Roulade told him. A flailing hand gave a half hearted attempt at touching him then she gasped in small surprise and the hand returned to Grey. ‘I like this pet you have brought me. Thank you Michael Kent.’

‘I’ll have her then Kent.’ Gavin said behind Rhiannan his hands on her waist and his mouth seeking the creamy skin of her neck as the girl swayed back against him. Behind Gavin the dancer was still holding him, her leg hooked over his hip the foot caught down between the man’s thighs, her arms wrapped around his chest.

‘You are speaking of my wife Fairchild.’ Michael shouted hoisting Rhiannan up into his arms. ‘She will never be anything more to you than the woman you should hold sovereign reverence to, or you shall find yourself no longer aboard my ship.’

He strode past him Rhiannan tucked up in his arms her arms around his neck, her head tucked into his shoulder. The crew knew that to be set from the ship was bad enough but Michael was a wanted man so being set from the ship would render any one of them incapable of letting anyone know where he’d been or was headed.

He hated that part the most. The responsibility of the crew’s safety was bad enough but the necessity of dictating not the free release but the death of a man to maintain the safety of the others weighed heavily on his young shoulders and Maloney knew it would still be his duty even if he were no longer captain of the ship. While he was aboard it needed to be so.

He left them to what he suspected would become an exotic orgy and carried Rhiannan to the bed he’d once slept in. To his relief he saw her clothing was on the chair in the corner. He flicked back the top sheet and, putting one knee on the edge of the bed for stability, laid her on the bed.

‘Stay with me.’ She asked him holding her arms up to him. ‘It was you before; it only ever has been you.’ She told him her arms still out for him.
He’d not moved his knee from the bed and now found the decision to do so the hardest of his life.
‘In here is our child.’ She told him in a small voice her hands pulling the dress up to show him her stomach. One hand held the material high as the other spread over her belly, caressing it as mothers were want to do. But it showed him everything else also; the stretch of her legs, the curve of her breasts and the truth of her ginger hair colour.

In the cell it had been franticness, their clothes barely moving aside in his haste. The second time was slower and better but he still had not totally undressed her, even though he had discarded all of his. There really was no point anyway. The candle she had brought in with her had gone out and his eyes may have been good enough in the gloom, he knew that if she’d been naked she’d have frozen in that cell. So he had never seen her full beauty, and this sight did not disappoint him.

He should cover her so he could leave her to sleep but he knew if he touched her he’d be lost. His hand stretched out to take hold of the material and draw it back over her but ended up hovering over her leg and then, as if on a will of their own far stronger than his, his fingertips slid up her thigh. As if prompted by this her knee rose making his palm land on her skin. His hand continued to slide of its own accord around her hip and he was bending forward to receive her arms about his neck again and her kiss on his lips.

He wanted her. He wanted her with every ounce of his being. His hands pushed the material up off her body allowing his mouth access to her completely and he trailed hot kisses from her mouth all over her milky skin to her breasts where he lingered to suckle. Her hands were holding his head to her as she gasped with delight at his administrations. His mouth trailed lower then, kissing her belly where they were telling him his child lay and then he wanted to smell her truest essence. Naturally her legs parted for him and she gasped as his mouth created sensations she had never considered possible. He brought her clawing at him to climax. She was crying out in surprise and loss of all control and then shuddering and grunting, her animalistic urges pushing him at herself as she bucked seeking more, receiving a second release before she lay back exhausted. He straightened to look at her and realised she was sleeping. It gave him the ability to cover her and walk away.

He didn’t go far, could never leave her so vulnerably, so unprotected. But he needed release. Her sexuality had him too pent up to ignore. He walked around the perimeter of her room. Bad move. He saw the action over on the deck behind the pool. From this distance it looked like a snake pit a mass of writhing chocolate legs and bodies. He could go there but then he looked back at his woman lying beneath the purity of the white sheet and knew he would never be unfaithful to her. That sobered him and he found he could relax his desires, although getting in the bed with her would not be wise. Instead he dragged the long-chair over to her side, and settled on it to rest the half sleep of a dedicated protector.

At one time he woke fearing her gone or worse. He could not think of what woke him until he realised the music had stopped. It was close to dawn, the sky light in the pre-dawn glow. Rhiannan slept the innocent sleep of a child. But still he felt uneasy. He got up and barefoot padded around the deck.

He loved this house, and from the first wished he could remain here where there was no need for windows or doors. It was like a house of cards with Roulade’s suite upstairs. His room was to the far corner behind it another room where from the snoring going on he knew Maloney had gone to rest, if he were alone or not Michael had no real desire to find out but looked anyway. The man had scored company with not one but two of the beautiful slaves Roulade kept. He knew Roulade would have taken Grey upstairs so that just left Fairchild.

Michael had liked Fairchild. He seemed a man stable and steady reliable to keep his head in a crisis. He would like to keep the man as Maloney’s first mate but he now held doubt. The man wanted Rhiannan and thinking back Michael recognised other times aboard ship where he’d caught the man’s small piercing brown eyes follow her red hair hungrily.

Stopping by the front bedroom where Fairchild and his concubine should be he realised the bed was ruffled but there were no bodies. Rounding the corner, the point facing the entrance from the path, he came to the next largest room full of sofas and other lounging furniture. The entrance to Roulade’s central spiral staircase was in the back corner a small passage opening it also to the dining kitchen area behind. The room was empty as was the decking.

Michael walked to the bridge but there was no sign of the night’s escapades on the far deck. The dining area too was empty, as was the kitchen and the store area behind and then he was back crossing the front of Maloney’s room.

Would Roulade have taken him up with her? He highly doubted it, the woman was enrapturing Grey as her pet, Fairchild would have interrupted her, distracted her. And then he heard it; the soft moaning of a woman being roused with lovemaking. His stomach clenched in revulsion his loins responded in aching desire his mind prayed it was not what he suspected it to be. He strode the last two yards as silently as he could and saw his fears were correct, but it wasn’t Fairchild.

He lept the pushed away long-chair and grabbed the man that was busy arousing his wife dragging the man back and sending his fist into the face. The man sprawled back and Michael added two more punches each one flattening the large Roman nose before he let the man drop prostrate to the decking floor.

‘Michael?’ Rhiannan gasped coming fully to her senses and confused at what had just transpired.
‘Maloney! Fairchild!’ Michael roared noting the first mate coming from the greenery behind the pool, hastily attempting to dress and his fears dissolved.
‘Renaldo.’ Maloney noted staring at the prostrate figure. ‘Must have docked on the morning tide.’
‘And, first things first, came visiting our favourite madam. Yes.’

Maloney looked to Rhiannan who was clinging to the sheet before her. When he had stumbled past with his two women not all that long ago, he’d noted Michael snoozing on the chair and had considered waking him to join in on his fun, but Rhiannan had moved showing him the length of her naked arm and shoulder and thought better of it. Maloney looked at Michael now and saw the murder shining in the lad’s eyes still. If any needed proof of his love and devotion to Rhiannan it was there naked on his face for all to see. Maloney looked up to Fairchild joining them and saw the man take the same notice of Michael’s state of mind about Rhiannan.

‘Who’s this?’ Gavin asked
‘A rodent.’ Michael hissed ‘Exterminate him.’
‘Count Jovani Renaldo.’ Maloney supplied ‘The last of the great Roman conquerors, by all his accounts. He set sail in a Spanish ship and eventually claimed it by mutineer’s rights. Now he trades the seas and oceans, usually in live cargo.’
‘He’s a pathetic slaver!’ Michael simplified
‘I am an opportunist.’
‘You are scum!’ Michael roared ‘And if it weren’t for the respect I have for Madame Roulade and for my fiancé’s eyes seeing it, I would have run you through where I found you.’

‘Michael Kent what upsets you so?’ Roulade herself appeared draped in a robe so colourful Rhiannan couldn’t stop looking at it.

Michael felt so angry he could not communicate. He knew the house rules Roulade insisted upon and in this house there were no possession. Any person was to be amicable to another or not as was their preference but none could determine that for another. It was a true house of debauchery and he was a complete fool for having brought his intended bride there.

But Roulade knew how deeply he and Rhiannan felt for each other. Surely the woman knew the girl was an innocent. Could she blame him for his anger at finding the man at her the moment his back was turned?

‘I found this weasel rooting about where no weasel should be.’ He finally informed her. ‘I’m sorry Madame I know the expectancy of this establishment but he did not have her permission he sought his delights while she slept.’
‘He cannot be blamed for mistaking her for one of mine; how beautiful she is. ‘Roulade sat on the bed and stroked Rhiannan’s hair back off her face. ‘Have you been violated my dear?’

Rhiannan blinked it was obvious to her that the woman was naked beneath the robe. Violated what specifically did the woman mean? She looked at the man still on the ground and then at Michael. She looked back at their hostess.
‘I thought him to be Michael.’ She said in a small voice.
‘Understandably.’ Roulade replied then the older woman reverently laid her hand along Rhiannan’s cheek ‘Such beauty.’ She smiled ‘It is right I should loose to one so beautiful.’

She stood up then and smiled at Michael. ‘Take your bride, wed her and bed her, and keep her from the world of opportunistic men. Go now Michael Kent. Take her now before I buy her from you and make my fortune.’ The woman’s eyes flashed at her audacity and then cackling she laid the same hand on Michael’s cheek. ‘And don’t come back alone while she lives.’ she told him by way of goodbye, then walked from their midst. ‘Come Count Jovani come recount to me all your accounts.’ The woman called and cackled again ‘Before I allow the handsome Michael Kent to exact vengeance for his bride’s honour.’
‘Right.’ Maloney said and pushed Gavin into his section

Michael turned to Rhiannan then and frowned ‘Are you sure you are all right?’
‘Nothing a good hot bath wouldn’t fix.’
‘I don’t think we have time…’
‘It can wait.’ She smiled then turned and stepped out of the bed, her back to him.

☼ To be continued ….

Freedom Pioneers : "Expeditions" [Ch8iii]


Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

For my NaNoWriMo challenge

One Part of a three part novel.
A spin off from my Daintree Daughter’s Book

Chapter 8 continues
First part of Chapter 8 – here
This chapter then continues – here
and here

Expeditions begins – here

Beware: this is a realistic Adult book & not a pretty tale like my poetry

It tells of the fight to become free and happy, with the leading characters first facing the trials of the ugly side of life, and the shackles of their pasts dragging at them as they carve their own standard of living. But in the mid 1800s it was normal for the children of the poor to see the activities of their parents – good & bad; generally they weren’t sheltered … that came in soon after when everyone wanted to live like the well to do did & hide or ignore the brutality of the ugly side of life.

Remember in Australia, Corporal Punishment was only outlawed 35 years ago! Child abuse is still being fought & wives could not testify against their husbands for anything including marital rape until recent times also.

So all that aside I hope you can enjoy the story! ☼

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