Beware the Baron's Wrath [iv]

But it was then that they heard the hounds baying and men shouting and whistling. Then that they saw the torches and the men on horseback fanning out from the castle. Then that her Abigail reached them panting and handed her a bundle and the pad for the saddle.

‘Go!’ her Abigail pleaded ‘Go now! Your father seeks the Baron with intent to murder for taking you. None will believe he has not!’
‘Take your mistress back she is unsullied.’ Alistair insisted pulling his gauntlets on again looking at the approaching guard and preparing himself mentally for battle to spare the princess.

‘It will be no use sire,’ the Abigail replied. Alistair could hear relief in her tone yet regret also ‘Her reputation has already been slandered and she will be ensconced into the convent or worse slaughtered for her defiance.’
‘The king would not … surely…?’
Alistair looked to the old woman incapable of hiding his astonishment. A convent he expected but surely not beheading. Especially if the king’s surgeons could examine her and say she was still pure.

‘She is the youngest daughter of a house of three older brothers, she is of no value other than alliance, and the king sees no value in an alliance with you, he had wanted her wedded to the Cornish Prince Edgar, but Edgar arrived as you left. He knows of your suit and now of my Lady’s disappearance and will have none of your leavings.’

Belatedly the Abigail realised in what company she spoke. She was used to speaking in private to Daphne as a mother would to her child but they were not in private, the Baron was present and this man was not her child, he was a powerful man in his own right! A man who would be a strong and true leader. She bowed her head in attempt to make amends.

Alistair was loath to ignore the insult aimed at him but his priority was Princess Daphne’s safety not his reputation. He’d heard of Edgar; a weedy, oily haired man who stayed home to woo women and pick at the tables of other men who were abroad fighting for god, king and country. Alistair also did not care for the tales he’d heard of this arrogant prince’s bed chamber behaviour. Where true men fought other men strong and fighting fit, Edgar fought women in his bedchamber or theres, tying them to the frame and reducing them to tears, as they served him in the sickening ways of a man with a deranged mind could demand. The idea of him wanting Daphne, to abuse her to the point of bruising, of his skinny lily white fingers forcing her where his own fingers had caressed …. coughing to cover the bile that rose to his throat he focussed the distant but approaching men.

‘Edgar is a leach upon good men!’ he spat out
‘Edgar wants your death as much as the king’s he was looking forward to a life at the royal court.’
‘Never.’ Daphne whispered suddenly horrified.

She remembered Edgar, his last visit he had been arrogant and mean. While out walking he had dished a back hand that had sent her under-maid sprawling in the mud for bumping him when she’d slipped. He had then ignored the girl and continued trying to woo Daphne as if she were not even there. He then hissed like an irate goose when Daphne had turned to see her attendant was assisted by the page. He had then grabbed Daphne’s arm harshly and marched her briskly ahead and in a low vicious tone had warned her never to undermine his authority with the servants again.

What had chilled her was the sheen of his grey eyes, they looked as harsh as silver. And then he had smiled and she felt he was looking at her with hunger and greed.
‘Obey me and you shall be well treated … ’ he had then snickered and sneered his voice sounding as oily as his slicked back hair ’every chance I can get.’ He had told her with a snigger and then he had actually licked his teeth, brown crooked vile smelling teeth.

‘I will die before that man touches me.’ she said quietly and then turned to the Baron. ‘As your princess I command you take me. I will not be handed to that man, and I would not trust he would leave me be in a convent.’

Alistair had seen the fear in her soft hazel eyes and knew he could not abandon her. His heart would not let him even contemplate allowing her out of his sight. There would be no argument from him, Edgar would never touch her as long as there was breath in his body!

He whistled his horse glad he’d had the forethought to tether her animal to his saddle. He tied her bundle to her saddle then lifted her into it. The Abigail stuffing the pad beneath her as he vaulted into his saddle, her horses reins in his hands.
he looked back at her seeing she was ready and holding tight to not only her saddle pommel but her horse’s mane and he nodded.

‘Tell your king I shall protect his daughter with my life.’ he’d called to the Abagail and then turned his charger and kicked him sending him launching into the darkness hauling her mount behind.


Baron’s Wrath [v]

Beware the Baron's Wrath [iv]


Frankston, Australia

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Artist's Description

In the moonlight of a stormy night a castle looms. Two riders are making for the safety of it at top speed, with all the evils of the night on their tails ……

Well that’s what hit me when I looked at
Blaise Castle in the Moonlight by my dear friend Dawn Davies

Baron’s Wrath [v]

Thank you for reading my words! ♥
Keep Happy! :O)
Chookas! X♥X

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