Frankston, Australia

adgray is a writer and a poet … / - telling stories all her life, / - writing them down once she learnt how / “Scribbling!...


My Gray Clan  by adgray

~ selection park ~

they gather in the park of dreams / reaching for desires and dreads / aspiring to grow taller to reach their prize / life, success, peace, …

~ the puzzle ~

and we watch and wonder / we guesstimate and plunder / assume replenishment for all asunder / from beliefs of rituals performed under

to kayak

slicing water dipping oar / I kayak in the quiet morn
Slumbering in the Mountains by adgray Eildon Lake - Bonnie Doon Hills Vic Australia 2 by adgray Eildon Lake - Bonnie Doon Hills Vic Australia  by adgray Eildon Lake Vic Australia  by adgray

~ stroke the sky ~ [poem/song]

As the day begins the promise of goodness / The kiss of the sunshine the waft of rain / And the world will wake with the hope of a new day …

Homefire Cheerfully Burn

will I see the warmth there / will I see the smiles / will the arms envelop me / safe home across the miles

The Bridge – an excerpt

“NO! Jake PLEASE NO! I LOVE YOU!” He felt gut wrenching ill! That pleading tone, … Why now? And why here? And why did he suddenly fee…

~ archive the journey ~

dare to open, peek inside / to that protected, expose wide / reveal the contents to the world / dissapate the mystery furled

~ roll the green ~

and the penny shines on both sides / like the silver backed storm clouds

~ whose eyes ~

What if I went there …. I would live as they expect out of respect for them … but then would these eyes be mine?

~ all they need to know ~

to know all or all you need to know

~ blue sonnet ~

A sonnet of discord / a sonnet of pain / a sonnet of heartache / a sonnet none the same

the rescue knot

People with depression don’t need the rope to be given to them – they just need to know the right knot to tie!
Autumn Butterfly by adgray

~ by the groyne ~

turn the world once again / douse with winds and sun and rain / never ceasing ebbing tide / flowing past either side / dribble foaming upwa…

~ mist performance ~

I love Autumn – the misty mornings and the colourful, crisp, sunny days! What a performance Nature puts on for us to remember through…
Last rosy glow by adgray Eildon Sunset Beauty! by adgray and on the other side by adgray such water under the bridge! by adgray There's water in them thar hills!!!!!! by adgray More Sunset Hills by adgray Sunset Hills by adgray

~ Working the Ground~ (for Phillip Wise)

walk along my beauties, walk along; and I’ll follow pushing in the plough / walk along my beauties, walk along; help me earn a crust workin…

~ When the Drinking’s Done ~ (For Phillip Wise)

Gather up your kits lads string your swaggie roll / say hooroo to mates lads and take the next long stroll – for the sheering is all …

~ Tunnels ~ (for Phillip Wise)

While we are in the tunnel, we’re always looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, but how do you feel when you are fina…

~ I am a dancer! ~

Joy of the dance hear me on high … / … my life is my dancing what pleasure I make
my drawing attempt by adgray

~ Step the Cautious Track ~

and gently ever gently step the cautious track / leave nothing in your wake but memories to give back

~ last hill home ~

No matter how tired you are nor how many times you’ve trudged the last hill home you can always make it one last time!
water under the bridge by adgray

Let’s celebrate you … not me

I am sad and heart sore / a day full of reminders and regrets / that should be of memories and thanks / I hate to celebrate me / It causes …

~ all Gone ~

softly softly they gallop now / across the sands and plains / the khaki will never ride the hide / against the foe again / but the legacy w…

Dwelling in the mirror

Deep in the swirl of the mirror I’ll dwell / looking out ever witness / to the dream of existence preferred

~ Tomorrow Harkens ~

A change is fast approaching / this imbalance can no longer go on / the answers are there for the searching / time challenges those to belo…

An ANZAC’s Homecoming

I need settle now far from rumbling skies / and know my task accomplished to the wise

ANZAC Day – 25th April (1915) – ☼ Les…

The Anzacs are the True Blue Fair Dinkum Aussies! LEST WE FORGET! ☼

~ living loving free

And we shall all merry be / Living loving free

~ for eternity

and you shall witness my struggle of power / and restlessness for eternity
SEE! by adgray The nucleus of my world! ♥Ü♥ by adgray Having my cake and eating it too! ☼Ü☼ by adgray Birthday Burger anyone? ☼Ü☼ by adgray SWEET! ☼Ü☼ by adgray

~ dance in the branches of my mind

the pulse of the earth throbs in the wind / swirl the magic of beauty about the light / with flicks and leaps and giggles that sinned / dre…
Mum's Trip of her Life! - Where the family rests. by adgray The Castle! - The David Gray Collection by adgray Standing Proud! ~ The David Gray Collection by adgray Spotted ~ the David Gray Collection by adgray STUNNING Tower Magic ~ the David Gray Collection by adgray ☼ Tower Magic ☼ by adgray

~ wonder

What will we do now? / What is this place? / Eyes of curiosity / look up in wonderous face / New to everything / the world is at their use …

~ in silent pride!

Will they lay a headstone for me? / Will it say I have led a full life? / Will it boast thankful for what I have done? / Will there be plac…
Mum's Trip of her Life! - Views of her Anscestors! by adgray Mum's Trip of her Life! - The Gattonside house (2) by adgray Mum's Trip of her Life! - Her family seat (1) by adgray

~ reflects the depth

but breathing is sweet; sharp pains ignore / throbbing loss of friends before / sadness cries / love belies

~ world eyes

these eyes prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

= when we met =

But you saw him look guilty, you saw him try to dodge the truth and change the subject and you saw how mean he was!

@ Cyclone Yasi (02/02/11)

Just after southern Queensland was rocked by devistating floods the northern part now faces one of the biggest Cyclones in living memory!

~ Ode to the Stockman’s Repose

Deep into the night the cackle of flame / announces the stockman’s abode / his harmonica plays a mellow symphony / ode to the stockman’s re…
Marysville 2010 by adgray

Phoenix Appeal Back in Action!

The QLD Floods have been the worst ever – 75% of the state was declared a disaster zone – as Price Charles equated it “th…

~ Five of Alive

Innocence : Why can’t it be seen with my eye? / Resistance : I don’t Care! / Persistence : Again the same old same old! / Enlig…
☼Ü HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ü☼ by adgray Water Under the Bridge by adgray ♠☼ Christmas Corner ☼♠ by adgray Merry Christmas ♠☼Ü☼♠ by adgray Christmas Candy Canes by adgray O Tannenbaum ♠ by adgray Aussie Christmas Posy by adgray

♠☼Ü Celebrate Goodness with a Christian Décor! Ü☼♠

Everyone who knows me already knows I am not a religious person. I prefer to think of “Natural” or “Manmade” but it…

The Match

Although it is a relief to reach this end there is no victory – my children’s childhood has been rendered in tatters!
Wind in the Rain by adgray Wind in the burn by adgray

☼ At the going down of the sun …

For all of them and for the thousands with no one to mourn them we will remember them! Lest We Forget!
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