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Musical Memories

Re Duran Duran’s concert that Bellmusker went to last night and posted a journal entry about…. which I commented one of my famous book like entry’s to lol
Go peek and you shall see lol
I missed them first time round and probably will again this time round too – one day I’ll have money and time at the same moment to indulge in such delights of life

What an amazing memory of realising the power of sexual attraction. I cant remember when I did but I have a sneaky suspicion it involved Gene Kelly or Rock Hudson [yes I know now he was gay but I didn’t then!] most likely Gene Kelly because I felt so jealous of Olivia when she got to dance and sing with him in Zanadu!

But then I was always into alternative stuff – Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Folk and Medieval music. Rock was all the same to me – loud!
Yet I do have my fave songs and Crowded House, Men at Work, Duran Duran, Devo Sting [+Police], Super Tramp, Zeplin & Bowie, all feature in these as do belatedly ACDC, LRB, Sky Hooks & Sherbet. Even Adam Ant and [blushing] Barry Manilow & John Denver

But I guess my 2 all time faves are Barbra Streisand [ that woman’s voice is just superb] Cleo Lane [That woman is all vocal instrument! what she cannot achieve with her throat is not achievable!] and John Farnham not only for his vocal ability and his choice of songs but because I have met him and he is the most wonderful all round decent bloke anyone could hope to know. [must write up the report on meeting him :o)]

Don’t we just all identify with culture and that is why we are above the other animals in the food chain … so why does the government and the education system value sporting prowess above Humanity / Culture?

Also the Eurythmics and the Corrs U2 and Enya
Dragon and … bloody h@*# what was that group Bob Geldorf led? lol
Elton John, Richard Clapton, Beatles [who can not include them? lol] Wings ELO, the Who, KISS [regrettably lol]
:o) Am I making a bibliography of rock bands? lol
I I also loved RedGum and Parradiddle and Bushwackers and …. enough Lyssa lol

Keep Happy! :o)

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