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Just Mooking About :o)

Who is making Mooks?
I thought it was a redbubble thing or do we make our own mooks or do we collaborate with others to make mooks???
I wanna make a mook of my poetry so how do I organise that??
You seem to be the man in the mook know lol
Mook it to me lol – shall we make mook a common word like google is?
? lol
I shall mook it; I mooked it; will you mook with me? We got mooked lol
I’m all mooked up! lol [well I’m enjoying mooking !!! :o)]
I think I’m interested in mooks :o)

How does one mook? Do you mook all alone?
Must you mook in a group or in pairs on the phone?
Can you mook in a room or mook in a soup?
If you mooked all alone would anyone look?
Do you look very well when they look in your mook?
Can you mook on the ground on a boat in the air?
Do you mook over here or can you mook over there?
Imagine the stories… the doctor will sook
But then is it said like toot or does sook rhyme with mook?
I guess if you wanted to mook then you can
But would a mook sandwich be better with jam?
Well I’ll tell you what if you want I could try
To make up a mook, shall I tell you why?
Because my camera skills leave a lot to desire
Yet no one buys words not even a town crier
So I could sell all my words if I had a mook
And I’d make people smile when they looked in my mook!!! :o)


I wrote this as a reply to Randy Monteith – a fellow bubbler’s request for interested Mook people and I couldn’t leave it as that lol
Then as my head is slightly Seuss-ish at the moment I added to it lol
So I posted it in here as a mooking good journal entry :o)
Shall we Mook? :o)

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