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"Daintree Daughters" Synopsis

This began as a story about a young lady out of her era who flaunts the system and does what she feels she must for herself.

I gave her sisters either side of her and a deceased big brother. I had her dad give up his title [have to look up heraldry – thank you John from the train :o)] and land to his nephew and heir when the son, Robby, died; and bring them out from England to assist in the new colony and marry his daughters well out here.

But father, Harold, has an unfortunate accident in the bush when they go to inspect their allotment granted to them and is brought home with a bad hip injury incapable of walking possibly ever again. So back in Melbourne a bustling little town on the verge of booming, Harold promotes his business assistant, a young Scottish gent Reginald Scott, to being his physical presence in his merchant business.

Reginald is indeed a clever man with his own agenda and his own seeds of retribution and soon has control of most of the business and means to have it all by fair means or foul. If he married the eldest daughter he would have it by fair means but while he and Harold negotiate this Harold’s wife seals a negotiation with the local reverend’s wife for the same daughter to marry their son. So Reginald is left with no alternative … foul play.

So poor Harold dies and leaves his wife and daughters taken care of he thought but no Reginald had seen to that and suddenly the wife and girls are homeless and penniless. Thankfully the eldest daughter is still able to marry the reverend’s son but the wife has had her mind turned and is no longer coping. The reverend’s wife finds a place for the younger daughter in service of a new home built on the new Kew Hill but the middle daughter is neither young enough for service nor old enough for marriage and had no marriage prospects in any case! She could be a governess except she flaunted her education and anyway there were limited positions in young Melbourne. Then she remembered the letter certifying the granted allotment stated it was either developed or if left forfeited to the next to do so. And so she sets her mind on going to the allotment anyway and squatting on it.

With everything she could get into a cart her father had, she sets off for the allotment alone. Along the way she meets a man – the son of a merchant doing supply delivery runs – and now completely skeptical of all men begins a love hate relationship with him as they trip over each other on her journey.
As she sits at one campfire half way along her journey, she wonders about her sisters…..

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