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"Daintree Daughters" - Authors Note

My first completed novel, that is I have an ending to it (lol), is rather unique. The story about why I wrote it is almost as long as it lol but I think needed to be told in order to find the solution of whether to push on and have it published or not.

2003 I was assisting my son’s high school production of “West Side Story”, and the two principals I was coaching finally got their song right! So I, in my silly over the top way, did a small victory dance and managed to roll my ankle severely tearing every ligament in it! Rendering my next 8 months heavily dependent on crutches having physio and hydro therapy twice a week, and incapable of returning to my University Double degree [Arts/ Education]
So here I am house bound and mostly alone and without a book to read! I couldn’t get to a book store or even the library, I hate TV – hate adds! – and wasn’t connected to the net so what did I do?? Well there was a perfectly good PC sitting there doing nothing and I was sitting on the couch doing nothing so I moved my butt made a nest for my foot under the desk and sat there and began a book!
I wanted to write a fun book about a girl knocking the system and fulfilling my dreams. So I created Amanda and set her in 1850’s Melbourne Australia and started writing…….


… and so did I !! lol Ah for the magic of computers! So I pull up a page and begin on Mary’s story, the older sister, in one font colour and on another page in another font colour I begin on Molly’s, the younger sister. And now I’m writing 3 consecutive tails.

Towards the end of these 3 tales I discover the way to weave them all back together and solve a mystery. So the end of these three tales is the same scene but viewed from the three perspectives. I posted these three in hopes I could have feed back of their caliber but alas as yet none.

So there are 3 sisters and subsequent collected love interests – although I must state here that my preference is for action and comedy over romance so don’t expect too much lovey dovey stuff! – and they manage to trick the villain into being captured .

So all’s well that ends well?? I need to give them a happy ever after ending?? So I begin an epilogue to get them home to the property ….. and that’s when the book started writing by itself!

I could not type fast enough. I only use 3 fingers and a thumb at the best of times and my poor hands were flying almost 24/7. I left the PC when nature called. Would throw food at my animals grab sustenance for myself [I have a mug a pint deep and I can exist on cold tea or coffee! lol] and return to “catch up” on the story raging in my head! I would be introducing characters thinking saying aloud to myself “why am I introducing you this is the epilogue why am I bothering with a name for you???” and then 4 pages later “Ooh THAT’s why!!!” I couldn’t put it down and I was writing it! I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! It was the “Never Ending Story” being written! And I solved a mystery I didn’t even realise I had included!

Three weeks & 275 A4 pages later I wrote a line and it seemed there was no more to write. I did my ritual refreshment pit stop and returned … nup, still no more. I reread the paragraph … the page … the chapter but still no more. I must have come to the end!

Now what do I do with myself?
I reintroduced myself to my pets, to the neighbours, to driving! I emptied the mailbox, paid my rent and overdue bills and got on with living.
A week later I sat bolt upright in bed at 5am and then in 2 hours had another epilogue written – 2 chapters long and with 2 new characters introduced! Life goes on….

And in my mind brewing in the back recesses are the next generation where the children of the 3 sisters have a collection per immediate family. But being cousins and as was the way in that age they intermingled; assisting the second half of the 19th century to progress and the emerging city of Melbourne to be developed; and the correspondence may or may not match up with reality. And if anyone complains about the possible cast of thousands, all I can say is “Neighbours”, “Home & Away”, “Days of our Lives”, Coronation Street” !!!!!

But now what to do with it? I mean I’d love it to be published, in that I’d love it to be published in a set of 6 vignettes and a novel, as I have the 3 heroines and I don’t want to dictate which order the parts should be read in. Each part reads as it’s own book and yet entices you to go read the other parts – so the theory is “You won’t know the whole story till you’ve heard every side!”

I printed it out in a book-like layout just to see what it would look like …. Wa-a-ay too big!!!! lol one of those huge A4 document folders absolutely filled! I tried asking my mother to read it. She ignored it. I asked my sister to critique it – she has always been my leveler – “What did you do that for you fool?” rolls off her tongue faster than a smile could crease her eyes. It sat for two months in the same position on her lounge-room floor so I took it home. I tried giving it to my father and there I received the best encouragement. He didn’t even open the cover didn’t even read the title he just handed it back and sad – “Give me the first copy”

So I started to hunt for professional help. I asked a friend who proof reads she loved it and could find no flaws that I would allow her to change lol but it went no further
I found another friend put me on to a published author and she loved the pieces I’ve emailed her to read …but she advised me not to present this to be published as my first piece or they will hack it to death and turn it into one book.

So I’ve attempted writing other novels to be presented as my first book
I tried to tell the story of the two new characters introduced in the epilogue but it became 3 parts long
Perhaps I could tell Robby’s tale … but that would ruin the mystery of the big book – after all really the big book was the discovery of Robby’s tale.

So I look at a second alternative – Isabel Maude the unofficial tale of my great grandmother – what a character she was! But that’s only a whimsical plot as yet

I’ve only just thought of a third that is brewing merrily but it’s very controversial and I don’t think I have the guts to attempt it lol
And then last night coming to my fiancé’s place on the train, another plot emerged in my head and I can’t wait to get home to start on that either!

I have tried with the 2 children’s books and received letters of encouragement but no pick ups – have faith Mem Fox took 11 years to get “Magic Pudding” out …..
But then if my poetry seems to be widely accepted and liked perhaps my first book could, should, would be a collection of them?
Know any literary agents?

Oh and the 1st paragraphs??? Well at the beginning of each part [and yes it carried into the spin off trilogy] I had an unquenchable urge to write a passage of descriptive prose for some unknown reason. Later when I needed to read something at an open mic night – my first ever public reading of my writing and the first time I had ever shown anyone what I could do with words outside of school – I collected these prose and put them together. Reading it I realised each piece encapsulates the theme of the part and all together they encapsulate the whole saga.

You can read more about this in the
1st Paragraphs

or excerpts of



I aim to entertain and I hope that’s what I have accomplished.
Thank you for your courage to read my words!
Have a great day wherever you are!
Keep Happy! ~ adg

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