Frankston, Australia

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One week later and I found my way home! lol


What a week!
I found this awesome place and discovered not only zillions of gorgeous artworks and equal doses of wonderful writings, I have dared put up some of my own wordy attempts both in some form of poetry and in comments to the images and words that have struck chords within me

And in my real life I have had the dream of love become a tangible reality in that he asked me to marry him! [and used a green glow bangle as a pseudo token ring lol] so Now I need a jeweler to make me a ring! lol [and a winning lotto ticket to afford to buy it! lol]

And thanks to the awesome Saleire the two hemispheres of my worlds have blended and encouraged me to write of my love

Bliss! such bliss should touch every heart and soul!
I wish you all the luck to find this bliss – and if found, the strength to continue to nurture it!

Keep Happy!
Luv alyssa

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