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Hello I'm New :o)

Hi you far more talented folk than me,

Thanks for popping in and reading my words; thanx very much also if you leave a few of your own too! – The more the merrier!!

I may be in my middle age [oooohhh scarey lol but I don’t want to live past 90!] but I am new here – and to this medium – and still trying to navigate myself round here – I get waaaaay lost chasing links through people’s faves and it’s sooo much fun!!!! :o)

Thanx too for accepting my first offering I only started writing poetry this last winter [August 07] when my friend died of throat cancer and I was trying to find a voice to express the grief I felt. I wrote Oralist and then I wrote a poem for him – maybe I’ll get up the nerve to post that some day. I usually write loooong stories – “novels” I’m told, [Hate restrictive word counts!] so poetry was a surprise for me! lol

So I apologise now for my comments being lengthy – newness I have soo much to say and am encouraged to speak by your words. Forgive me now and I promise eventually they will minimalise – but everyone else has taken Wow! Brilliant! Good work! etc … :o)

Anyhow am gonna go read all your stuff now :o)
Have a good day … nite…? bloody hemispheres! lol Chookas! – adg x

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