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The final countdown: A pep talk from Lindsey

G’day People’s of the Pen!
THIS IS IT!!!! 2 hours to go!

*This is it, Wrimos!
The moment when you defy the limits of what is possible; when your lungs are burning from the effort and your muscles tremble with exertion. You’ve got sweat in your eyes and stains on your shirt but it just doesn’t matter—-‘cause you’re in it to win it.

50,000 words, that shiny purple winner bar, your winner goodies, the title of author, and eternal bragging rights are there in front of you just waiting to be claimed.

Victory is within reach, writer!

If you’re already sitting in the Winner Circle holding your certificate and wearing your winner shirt, congratulations! I can’t wait to join you. I still have many thousands of words to go before I can claim NaNo triumph, and I’m committed to noveling through these final hours of November. I plan to fly across the finish line along with all you Wrimos still writing toward your NaNo win.

Let’s do it together!

Your fellow winner-to-be,

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☼Ü Enjoy Your Writing! Ü☼
Chookas! ♥Ü♥

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