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At 2am last night / this morning – sorry Sunday – (whatever!)
I uploaded my NaNoWriMo Novel! ”Freedom Pioneers” ( for want of a better title! lol)

……………… ☼ !!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!! ☼ …………..

Don’t ask me how, don’t ask Mick either [he was non-compos or wisely absent for most of it!] but I managed to upload close to 75K Saturday 22nd into here. It’s not finished [that’s what this week is for!] but I’ve passed the min word count!
☼☺☼ YAY!!!! ☼☺☼
I dread to think how it reads though! lol

The Challenge is to just sit down for a month and write a novel!
You don’t have to edit – that’s what December is for! – you just have to get the story on the page!
November has 30 days so it’s about 1667w per day! or 2 pages ish

Of course I join 5 days late & have the hassle of having my irritating boarder & then my weekend with my kids so really I started this in earnest Thursday! [ish] and last night [well 2am this morning] I finished uploading the story I created in those 3 days of solid typing! [my hands hurt!]

The word count minimum is 50,000 words
And of course I’ve done close to 75,000!
I have to admit it’s not finished yet – but that’s what this week is for! lol
(did I say that already? Sorry I’m psyching myself back into it! lol☺)

So I have created links on my homepage for the 3 parts that I have written to create
this massive novel!

Part of the objective of the Nanowrimo is that when you have exceeded the 50k words you then email your manuscript in (for verification predominantly) but also there will be literary agents & publishers looking for the next Bryce Courtney or Mem Fox [or whoever!] for me THAT is this challenge aim! To have my words read by someone who can then offer them to be read by everyone!

I had been trying to write mine starting the 5th – 5 days late making my daily average aim 2000 – ok I can do that! I do journal entries that are more than that! Heck my comments can be that long sometimes!
But then I had a boarder & kids & pets & mothers & … no just the border from annoyville!
I could not think! let alone type when he was shoving some inane toy or whatever under my nose to look at & gush over & talk to him & answer him & play with him & watch Pirated DVDs with him etc….. & the sooking that went on if I ignored him !!!! Man !!! He was a bloody HUGE overgrown spoilt 2 year old!
{breathe … in … out … and in … and out … and in and out … there all better!}

[NO I did NOT watch the Pirated DVDs and you have no idea how tempted I am to dob him in about them! – still might the Brat!]

So I got a sort of skeleton down in a week about 20Ks worth – uploading the first chapters of each part – just to confuse everyone! ☺ But it’s FUN!!! {and I call him a brat! lol} So he goes Wednesday 19th & next morning I wake up early (Thursday 20th) and start fleshing out the skeleton [I take a break every now and then to think & bubble! lol] and in 2 ½ days I have 55,000 words more! – ok that’s 6am – 2am Thursday & Friday [with a break for tea & going to the shop with Mick – I think we did] so you could say I typed my fingers off! That is averaging 25k each day and then Saturday morning doing the last 4.5 or so as I started uploading the rest.

Anyhoo if you feel so inclined I invite you to have a read – if not just breeze over the pages in my Folio filled with the chapters and chapters in parts and parts & oh forget it! lol

Keep Happy! ☼☺☼
Chookas! X♥X

PS!!! Any of you artists out there think you can come up with some cover art for me? I would be eternally grateful!!! [They end up in Melbourne 1851] ok? ☼♣☼

~ an action packed Historical Romantic Comedy [I hope]
Set trans Atlantic & Pacific 1850s
each part’s first chapter -
follow the links from there
Enjoy! ♥

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