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COURAGE vs today's teenager!

11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – We will remember them!What’s that?

With the 11th of the 11th coming around – and 90 years of remembering the worst war, the great war, the war to end all wars, the horrendous war, the first world war, I felt compelled to create a remembrance of my own. At the end are links to my relevant art & writing to help me, at this time, remember those I know who sacrificed all for this future of peace.

And then there was this a journal entry by the wonderful Ms Sharon Perrett and I realised that I wonder where the honour has gone.

It clarified for me that we have all become a nation of lazy soft selfish namby pambys and I wonder if the boys who went on their “Great Adventure” in 1914-17 or 1939-45 and forced to go to Vietnam had been the same before they went. I highly doubt it!

This was my comment to that journal :
[I have added & embellished on a few points here]

but we MUST remember and thank them
We must honour their sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy now

Perhaps this freedom is not the life we should have been leading, perhaps the fight they fought was wrong – we do not commemorate the fight but the fact that they believed enough in a cause to go and fight and fight to the death for what they believed was right!

In this day there is not one westerner under the age of 35 who completely understands that let alone upholds that fundamental decency & courageous honour. Its as if for the last 35 years we have been pampering our people with peace!

Our youth need to learn these lessons:
Courage is not being fearless, – courage is doing what has to be done, even if it scares the living daylights out of you!
Being an adult is not a number or having assets, being an adult is doing what has to be done even if you don’t want to do it!

Remember the boys who died in war were only just adults in age but old men in courage!

The boys now days of the same age enmass will never have the same courage …

In one way it is good – war on such a world scale will never happen again – there will never be the man power to support it ! Our youth psyche is – “Leave it alone long enough and someone else will do it for you!”
But then when the power stops and the oil stops and the food stops I guarantee they will be the first to scream outrageously in complaint of rights being destroyed !!!

The youth of today need to know that there is only 4 fundamental rights –
1/ safety [not to be abused or demoralized (or discriminated against) ]
2/ sustenance [food & clean water]
3/ shelter & health [ a roof over their head walls windows and a door to keep out the elements & the unsavory – and assistance when ill injured or vulnerable]
4/ occupation [something to do to be positively productive communally accepted and valid]
with an overall acceptance for Love.
Everything else is a luxury!

When I was a girl my first story I ever read alone was “The Little Red Hen”
Every teenager should do a book analysis on it! – Then perhaps such disgraceful insulting behaviour will cease!

Thank you for letting me rave on a bit!
But then that was why those men fought – to give me the freedom to rave on at will!
I am eternally grateful! Are you?
I teach my children to be so also. Do you?

Lest We Forget!

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