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To all you artists that I have written a poem to your art ... HELP! <)

Ok people
My awesome writer / photographer friend Miri came up with a great idea to create a calendar of her short twisted tales. She used her own photos as her back ground. Go peek – awesome huh?

Well as I don’t have that ability …..
[Come on you’ve all seen my attempts BAaAaAaAD Vibes is a doozey don’t you think? :O) ]
….. and most of my pieces on here are inspired by the awesome art of others I thought “Hey – I wonder if I could come up with a collection of 12 poems and their inspired art pieces as a Calendar for me and the artists to sell” … Yeah?

So …. short of opening a huge can of worms here … if the idea appeals to you and you have no real grudges to attempting this – more importantly if you have the ability to technically help me achieve this – then please let me know here. Alternatively don’t hesitate to also let me know I’m an idiot attempting the impossible! :O)

So Whaddeyathink? :O)

Chookas! X♥X

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