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So guys & gals about my boobs .....


Ok finally on the 18th of August I had the opp!

But only after much to-ing & fro-ing from the hospital and a full on blast from me for stuffing me about & destroying my faith in the medical capabilities of that team! I was finally taken on by the head of the plastics surgical department in this region! But I still didn’t believe that it would happen until I was actually admitted.

Then as I sat on the table waiting to go in Mick sat with me and held my hand [awww shucks …!] – making sure I didn’t take off cos I wanted it all to stop! It was all too much fuss and bother about me and I didn’t want to be causing so much work & worry. I mean I’d had Huge orbs for longer than I haven’t so what was all the fuss really about?
[you may guess I dislike imposing & making people go out of their way for me!]
(this is different – you don’t have to read if you don’t want to! lol)

Just as I was about to seriously pull the pin on the whole thing, a woman arrived in hospital gown & nurse outfit [I think – you cant tell who’s who nowadays ~ they don’t wear “uniforms” any more!] She said she was from the research department of Melbourne Uni [Ah a research lab scientist!] and they were looking for large amounts of breast tissues for transplanting and asked me if I would like to donate my excess breast tissue ….
“Where do I sign?” I cut in suddenly energized!
It was no longer about me anymore!
I wasn’t there to make me look good, … [well to relieve my back pain and stop aggravating my neck injury & prevent cancer getting into the mastitis lumps / damaged tissue] … I was there to help others and that was more important!

Well I came through the opp perfectly [if you don’t count throwing up every ten minutes all night as a reaction to the anesthetic!] and while I was feeling retched with stupid women asking me if I wanted my cold cup of tea left or not [I’m throwing up sips of water and I can get tea any time so why the hell ask me? bloody hell!] and almost in tears for the annoyance of it all … in comes said nurse / scientist from Melbourne University person all smiles.
“Thank you so much for your donation, we have been able to farm 4 perfect C cup breasts for women who have had mastectomies but we are hoping they will go to two women who have had drastic bi-mastectomies[?] as they make two perfect pairs of breasts!”
Of course I burst into tears completely from sheer relief that it was all for a good cause and something I didn’t need any more didn’t go to waste but helped others so well!

THE ELATION I FELT !! The exuberance of knowing two or more women who’d lost their breast[s], their obvious symbol of womanhood, had been helped by something of mine that would have otherwise been thrown away! I am an organ donor (as is Mick & others of my family) but it never really hit home how GOOD that is until I was told I had helped! I STRONGLY URGE EVERYBODY to become a donor; blood organ tissue marrow whatever! And tell your families to support you and honour your wishes for it is the BEST feeling to know you are useful & have not gone to waste!

4 x C cup boobs??? ~ Yes I had whopper boobs! GG cup – about the size of honeydew melons! I’m now a very nice D cup! :O) They took off me 900grams from each breast [Hold your hands palm to palm about 2-3 inches apart & put just your fingertips together & imagine that space inside your hands is breast tissue] (Of course you blokes with the hams for hands try to visualise a woman’s size hands doing it! shiesh! I wasn’t THAT big! lol) They then split that in half length-ways [pull your hands apart & turn thumbs together] and placed it into grow gel stuff and then transplanted onto women and voila 2 × 2 breasts! :O)

When I explained it to my children 10yo Daniel says “So in effect Mum you had 6 boobs!” …………… lol ……….. [oink!] :O)

I was trying to explain how my scars look [I showed my daughters but not my sons! lol] Loz [my youngest – Gynnirox] decided they look like anchors – circle on top [around aerola(?)] then line down from there to underneath where there is a curve around the base of the orb.
Again my creative & visual baby “Dan-the-man” decided they are like teddy bear smiles! :O)
So now they ask me “Hows the teddies?” :O)

So how are they?
Well I didn’t fall over backwards – like everyone was running about behind me expecting me to & sniggering! lol
Mind you I have yet to feel comfortable putting my shoulders back !! :O)
Before, the weight just made that tiring and the size made it embarrassing, but now I still find myself hunching and I must remind myself that I can put my shoulders back and not feel like people are ogling my huge orbs! [they ogle my pert ones now – which is kind of flattering! :O)]

And I had no actual pain – they don’t stuff about with muscle so there is no internal agony pain. But there are cuts that need to heal and when they get infected … like mine did around the stitches [that were supposed to dissolve but are still thinking about that!] … then it hurts! Thankfully I’m over that now!

But I am tired! I get tired quicker during the day and I have a short fuse temper-wise! And when I think – “hey I’ll do the washing, clean the house”, etc… it takes days to recover! – yep and then it needs to be done again! </

I couldn’t drive for 4 weeks and that was annoying – but then Mick had the car so I had nothing to drive anyway! And I still cant carry any weight heavier than 2 kilos – not supposed to for another 2 months yet! – Shopping is out! Ha someone else has to do the groceries! :O) [they just come with me – I still have to point out what we need!] And I should wear a bra for the next 6 months continuously – which is annoying at night!

But at the end of the day – as so many had assured me before – [way back in April when this caper began] it was the best move ever taken !!

And now – to relieve my lower back agony & prevent serious hip issues – I have 6 months to loose another 20 kilos & rebuild my strength and they will take away my excess flabby baby-belly! :O)
Then I will be back to who I was when I was a teenager – the gorgeous girl with the huge legs! lol I can live with that! lol

Typical though, now my body’s finally behaving to some useful degree … my face looks old lol! Oh well – you cant have everything! :O)

Chookas! X♥X

PS – Don’t forget to read the other comments below for some extra info & funnies :O)

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