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###>>>> Hello Everybody !! I'M BAAA-AAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<###

Did you miss me? …………………………. huh? huh? huh? huh? :0)

Apparently there is this vicious rumour going about
that I am here to verify for you all and leave in in no doubt
You can suffer illness and reach near death from starvation
but there is no one there for your true salvation
The addiction to this site I suffer still
but first you gotta be sure to pay the F… bloody phone BILL !!!!

……………………………………. :0)

So guys what’s been happening in the world without me?

I have had my breast surgery and am still as skint as before [so this visit might again be short lived if I cant pay the #@^*# bill again! </ ] and no I’m not published YET! but you NEVER know what will happen tomorrow :0)

ok now there are 392 bubbles waiting for me to read and god knows how many pages of art I have missed and dearly want to catch up on BUT I have spied a new category amongst the lists and i think to catch up on my art missed I shall explore my watch list, clarify my favourites and have a peek through their folio … sounds like a faster plan to me as I saw from my opening page you visual artists are still posting multitudes of simillar stuff to discover the better of the six or whatever!
So bear with me and I shall endeavour to catch up!

Hope you are all happy and well and I hope to catch up with you all over the next few days!


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