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I just saw a report on 60 Minutes about how our turtles in the pacific are being killed by the plastic we humans dump!
2 of every 5 turtles are dying of consuming plastic which they think is fish or food of some kind. There are millions of bird chicks being killed by their parents mistakingly feeding them plastic instead of fish, and zillions of fish that are toxic because of consuming plastic also!

The report didn’t say exactly where the rubbish is coming from but personally I blame the manufacturing of the crap in the first place!
I remember when I was a child you bought your groceries in brown paper bags and carried them home in boxes. You could buy a certain amount that was taken from the big storage bins in the shop and shoveled into a paper bag for you to take home. these bags were then recycled by Mum to use as storage bags and cake tin liners or for lunch orders from the tuck shop at school and if nothing else given to us kids to make masks and puppets etc out of and finally fire lighting material.

It stands to reason that the bulk of it must be coming from the Asian islands where they have nowhere to dump their rubbish BUT the sea. But they are not the only ones to blame – there are barges that “Loose Loads” as they transport rubbish out and there are always ships crossing the oceans who dump their trash overboard – not to mention the stuff that flies from tips on the wind to end up in the ocean!

Here in Australia there is an ordinary bloke, Ian Kiernan; who began a campaign to clean up Sydney Harbour which exploded into Clean Up Australia Day which is now becoming a world wide campaign and he is working to commission fishing boats to fish for plastic instead of fish for recycling and then once the plastic [& rubbish] is out of the oceans he suggests there be an embargo on fishing in certain places to allow the marine life to recover.

In Scouts we are trained and we train our youth to leave an environment better than when we arrived. We set the precedents of taking our rubbish out with us and in Australia we created the “Emu Bob” which every camper/rubbish user should undergo before leaving an area – the object is to collect all rubbish [whether we brought it or not] and make sure we left nothing behind that wasn’t natural to the environment …. and these principals are taken on into our every day life also.
I don’t mind going through my children’s pockets and finding rubbish – especially wrappers of things that I know I didn’t give them – for I know it is because they do Emu Bobbing all the time and collect what others drop. I have even seen my son run up to people who drop rubbish and tap them on the shoulder “Sorry you dropped this” is what he’ll tell them and hand it back to them. It’s good to see !! Especially when the litter bug goes red-faced for being caught out for being lazy.
Even better when it’s a smoker! He’s told me when he thinks of how smokers grind their buts out on the ground and walk off he just wants to shove the butts down their throats! I have seen him run up to a car at the lights, tap their the window and shove handfuls of the butts they just tipped out of their ash trays onto the road back through the window at them! Everything left on the road usually ends up in our bay for our fish to eat! Fancy a nice piece of freshly caught flathead, snapper, bream, fed up on cigarette buts???

We must save our marine life – for without them we are all sunk!


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