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{Sorry I must vent somewhere and this is kinda here and available and and and it will explain why I have not been on creating & commenting & such as much of late!}

IT is all TV’s fault! & the vidiot I am living with who is addicted to it!
I’ve decided there is NOTHING good about it!
It is pitched in a way that I feel angry and irritated and annoyed when it’s on.
The very few pieces of any kind of interest is destroyed by advertisements reminding me of my intense social poverty and I have no ability to think with the bloody thing on!
So now that he is up and it is on again I am incapable of creativity so I’ll go take my frustrations out on finishing the house work >/

and he wonders why I’m always tired & cranky & he doesn’t get any ….. no that’s a whole OTHER kettle of fish >/
ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr >/ rbrbrbrbrbrfhjfdmnfrjkhfnbvkhrrmhrbfm!!!!!!!! >/

PS If you haven’t guessed I am a radio – music loving kinda creative soul! OH well <)
Thanks for the vent
See you when he’s asleep again & the *F#@king TV’s off !!!!
Chookas! ♥

KEEP HAPPY!!!!!!!!!*

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