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Staying Near Stanly

To collate my recent posted story for easy access by you readers I have gathered them here:

Part 1 ~ We meet Rosie alone and pregnant in a mountain cabin. only the hound and her 6 pups for company until a man comes … her husband Stan returning? No, but someone to help her at least.

Part 2 ~ Rosie has her baby but there seems to be complications and so the assistant decides to take her to town for help.

Part 3 ~ In town they find shelter and help but what will Stan think of his wife and dog gone?

Part 4 ~ Stan arrives in town wanting his wife back and set to murder whoever took her. when he finds her safe and too weak to return his real inner softer side cannot drag her back out into the snow and solitude. With great courage he trusts the stranger to return her to him safely.

Part 5 ~ Stanly’s patience and belief in his judgement is rewarded with his wife returned. As was accepted due to lack of women in the colony he allows Ellard to stay.

Part 6 ~ The epilogue paints a picture of harmony and family unity … even if there are two men. How different is that than today when there are extended step families due to divorce? and the happiest children of these broken families are the ones where the parents still all get along.

This was a story I was trying to submit in group’s “Alpha/Omega” competition but I missed the deadline – so I posted the whole story out instead.

It is PURE Fiction! I have a really BAD knowledge of American history [just what has been learned from Movies] so it’s a bit of Aussie colonialist life and a bit of the legends of “Yankee Mountain Hicks”. [No offense intended]
I guess I was toying with the ideas that culture in Whiteman society leans on communication; especially speech. And I wondered what would happen if a cultured man [Ellard] were to become drawn into the backwoodsman style of life? The compromise would be to his sense of morality but the couple’s pay off would be to have a richer life.

I hope you enjoy it! :O)

Thank you for reading my words ! ♥
Chookas! XX ♥ XX

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