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Calling all my Artistic & photographic Friends!!!!!

Recently I was honoured with being invited into the Friends of Red Bubble group – a group set up for advocating direct feed back to redbubble and I gather explanations from RB [I could be wrong on that though lol]

Anyway Jo Brien has asked us to ask you lot this question – so they can get as much feedback to use for updating the site as best they can so care to drop a line here re answer so Jo can peruse it in the next 12 hours ok? FANKOOOO!! :O)

Jo O’Brien wrote :-
“I’m trying to find out within the next 12 hours “What Adobe tools are Red Bubble users utilizing?” and in particular usage of Adobe’s Creative Suite’s products.”

You may see this around a bit as there are a group of us doing the seeking bit
[ IT phone trees! lol ] but I guess the more the merrier !! :O)

Thanks for your input :O)


[ NB notice I was good and not one grumble about me being a writer helping out the visuals yet again without any advantage to me! <) Wasn’t I good? :O)]

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