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ANZAC Private Alfred Gray’s Writing!

I have finally posted all the writing I have that my Great Uncle Alf left us about his experiences in the war! [the GREAT WAR – WW1]
As my folio is so big I thought collating them as links in a journal entry might make it easier for readers to find.

Please don’t think I am trying to express hatred to enemies of my country’s politics a hundred years ago.
I don’t Hate anyone!
As I wrote in the end of it :
Great Uncle Alf [1896 -1981] came home to us and lived a long and productive life as a gardener – helping to look after the Wimmera region of the Victorian west. He married a lovely lady named Alfreda (Yes Really! lol – such is the comedy of my family! lol) and fathered 5 children [seems to be the normal number of off spring in our family! :O)]
Sadly I never got to meet him – my father was not very interested in extended family until he became a grandfather himself and realised why these people are important due to being bound by family blood & love.
Yet having read this account and his letter I cant help feeling very proud of my Great Uncle Alf!
And understand where my writing bug comes from! lol

*This is why we remember them !

NB This is NOT my Fictional Writing this is an actual account written by my Great Uncle Alfred Gray following his experiences in the "Great War – 1914-1917
I take no responsibility for any offense taken by the reader of this view be that in the language used or the opinion of my Great Uncle.*

First of all his letter sent home to his father [my great grandfather Edward Gray] from the hospital he was sent to due to being wounded.
Letter Home

Not long after his return to battle he ended up one of a few survivors from a horrendous attack. When he returned home after the war his family & friends pleaded for him to document his experience. I am so glad they did – these are his words!

~ an account of one ANZAC’s experiences as a POW in Germany
1~ Prelude
2~ Bullecourt
3~ Starved & Frozen
4&5~ Lille
6,7&8~ Behind the Lines
9~ Suprise!
10~ Congenial Mates
11~ Camp Life
12~ Farm Work
13~ Punishment
14~ Hamburg
15~ Red Cross
16~ Goodbye Germany

I can’t believe the pride I feel for this man I missed out on meeting! Wish I had a picture of him!

Thank you Uncle Alf and all the men and women you served with! I have the happiness of life today and my children also for the sacrifice you gave! I and all of us who live in peace are eternally grateful!

I hope this is spread and shown and read by many – especially the younger generations who may not hear about what happened in the wars. If you are in any way connected to teaching, by all means spread this further!! The message is the important thing ….. the youth need to learn, know and remember :

“We have what we have now because they went without everything then! – Lest We Forget!”

I have found an image I would like you all to view in relation to this.
Rick Alexander created such a moving image and it could portray exactly how Alf and all the men in every war felt

‘Untitled’ – by Rick Alexander

Thank you very much for reading my Great Uncle Alf’s words and I hope his struggles have helped you to feel grateful for what we enjoy today!
Keep Happy! :O)

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