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Buy My Poem please! It comes in an awesome poster :O)

Hi everybody :O)

Just a quick one to tell you all that finally you can purchase one of my poems :O)
The most wonderful woman and excellent RB artist, Mary Campbell has honoured me with asking to add my poem Soft the Dawn to her picture in a poster :O)
I have never been asked to collaborate before and I can’t believe how wonderful it feels to have that honour bestowed on me! :O)

She has done all the hard yards in creating the poster and i thank her with all my heart as I wouldn’t have the foggiest on how to go about it! As it is I’m having issues loading it onto my PC so I can post it in here [BIG POSTER! lol]

It will also be entered into a collaboration contest in Live Love & Dream group and if we win I want her to take the prize as she has done all the work – I just wrote a few lines :O)

So until I upload my collaboration poster you can view Mary’s here

Again thank you so much Mary for breathing life into my words :O)

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