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To All you PAGLY loving People!

Last night I had an amazing 2 hour cross continent phone conversation with said wonderful lady Trisha! Pagly2

For those of you who have missed her for the last 5 weeks and did not know she wanted me to inform you of what has happened to her.

She was involved involved in a T-Boned Car accident at about 4:30am when rushing to assist her daughter. The road was wet and gravelly and when she applied breaks it had no effect! Country roads are perilous at the best of times but even worse after some rain! But you’d think at 4am in the morning you could miss whatever amount of traffic was on the road … but no. she slid into the path of a bloke who suffering the same road conditions couldn’t even swerve to try and miss her! All he came away with was a broken Nose!

Pagly is her usual charming wonderful self considering she has 4 compressed disks in her lower spine and has “Bits of her she cant feel!” lol But the prognosis is good. After a little bit of healing R&R time she will be back to normal!

She is in a torso cast and was 3 or so [I’m not certain] weeks in hospital; and has finally come home to stay with her magnificent daughter, demanding that her daughter give her a mobile phone immediately!! [hers went mysteriously missing from her wrecked car!]

In hospital she of course had the staff in fits of giggles [as was I most of the conversation! lol] and eventually the nurses finally got her back by sending in the most gorgeous male nurse to give her a bed bath! :o)

Her only lament is that she cannot get on computer until the cast is off and she has the ok to sit up unaided! That wont be for another week or so yet and she is VERY ANNOYED with it! lol

She is missing the bubble immensely and all the goss of all her friends! So I wonder if you could drop a line or two here that I can read over the phone to her on my next call and I will type out her reply to you :o) [Just call me Scribe!] And if there are others that you know who know her but may not read my words could you direct them to here to join in if they would like to!

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This is the true spirit of this community – virtual or not! The woman is as amazing in reality as she is in print! Yet behind all that social blathering fun she is in immense pain and discomfort and I know she is hating not being independent! and I feel for all of us, that she has helped, touched, communicated with on whatever level, to give her just a bit back would mean so much for her!

Thank you I do believe she will then find the courage to face the next hurdle – possibly needing to learn to walk again!

Keep Happy from me and from our amazing friend!

~ alyssa & / on behalf of Pagly! :o)
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