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Interpretations of Political Art

What makes an opinion political?
And when does an opinion stop being just a thought and start to be art?
Or is it only art if other people like it?

I have been Bubble Mailed by some not wishing to be known for supporting me and that is fine Sadly though they feel Redbubble is not the place for this kind of discussion

I wish I knew the difference between voicing my opinion in words and others voicing them in art

All the modern artists of around the 1920s were voicing their objections to the last war and the political destruction of Europe ….. and I am sure that there are still artists today voicing their opinion about what happens to the world and it’s occupants in their art …. and I’d include any artist who photographs any endangered animal …. which is a huge percentage of artists here

My objections are not about “Lest go kill all the marsupials cos they’re there”
My argument is “Lets try to preserve what marsupials and bushland and rainforests we have left because pests were artificially introduced!”

There is no way on earth foxes rabbits cats cane toads etc and all the weed pests could have Naturally Migrated to Australia! Man needed to be involved and so man is responsible for the destruction they have caused and thus the control of them!

I am not against wild life I just wish we humans took responsibility for our actions and that includes the pets and pests we have introduced to This ISCOLATED ISLAND and other parts of the world. Both living [animal / vegetation / disease / philosophy] and man-made pollutants alike!

Perhaps we are like a huge swarm of insects moving things around the world until it becomes just one big planet of sameness … and then we shall leave this planet and move to the next to do the same there …
Perhaps we are the injected chemical “Fixing” the cells of a larger being …
Perhaps we are the disease destroying the cells … the universe’s cancer

Sorry …. Waaay too much Sci-fi in my life lol
Keep Happy! :o)

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