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Was I full of it or on the money?

This was my rather long winded reply to a redbubble forum post here
So was I full of it or on the money?
Don’t forget I’m a writer – besides couldn’t think of a picture that would express these thousand words :o)
Hope you have a coffee on hand :o)

~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~

You mean if I write long enough I get to eat ??

Off to write now … too busy to write here ….
no wait!
If I write here will I get to eat sooner ?

Now someone said
“Great art is done by people who are dead that’s what makes it great! ”
Bloody hell! If I could get a bloke to paint something when he’s dead I’d think it pretty good too!!! … Would that help me eat ?

The consensus appears to be that when you die you will automatically be great artists –
W R O N G !!!!
So many people who can do wonderful creative art will die with their work not getting any further than the family home!
What makes art great is the passion of the artist matching the passion of the audience.
What then makes that art popular to the “Classic” standard is someone taking that art and getting it seen en mass! [to get lots of passionate audience connection]
What makes art valuable is the uniqueness of it … especially if it is well liked and to a lesser degree skillful!

Critique is only useful for technical aspects. Who is anyone to say you did that wrong? It is art it is the expression of your imagination your philosophy your soul! It is how you view the world you live in. That is the whole point of art – to show a reality that may be thought of but could be or not be easily projected.

Someone mentioned “the Scream” and other great yet seemingly childish works of modern art. The whole meaning of that art style was protest against the horrors of WW1 – the shock of the returning wounded the catastrophic effects of the war on all of society. And the artists were voicing the general populas’ ideas that war is wrong – which was not what the wealthy wanted. Very typical of any period of time throughout History – some even say that politicians define/ed the bible!

History was recorded by artists and archived by politicians.

It is the cross reference of several cultural records that determines the facts
“If a tree fell in the woods and no one witnessed it – did it make a sound?”

What was kept for historical reference is what the politics of the day wanted to be known for…. it did not necessarily truely reflect the entire reality of the time.

Only this last century – with the instant truth of cameras and the free press and especially satellite TV – has the reality of the day been recorded accurately and even then the outcome can be edited and tampered with and in some cases hidden or destroyed.

And in the education department it is notorious for cutbacks to be aimed at the arts first! That is a scandal that I can never find a justification for. Especially when Sport is favoured so strongly over it.
Yes alright it is important to be fit and healthy but true health comes from inner peace and that is achieved through creative expression and validation!

When people stressed out due to competition [and face it living is just one huge competition – wangling money to meet all the demands vs the ability to work enough to make said money !!] the first thing the therapists do is ask what hobbies you enjoy; and if there is none in your life they strongly recommend you take up one!
Long term unemployed people can be reassigned work far better if they are encouraged to do a course of creative manual labour – such as furniture restoration. It will invigorate the right endorphines (?) in their mind and give them a sense of completion and validation.

That is because without a creative hobby your inner being will not be expressed and your sense of self not validated! – the two main root causes of depression.

I would rather see the money go into the education arts programs – language culture appreciation & expression – in equal doses as buying more art. Yes bring good art to the country and promote good art of the country but also teach the people the value of these to their own existence.

Everyone else wanted to justify the money being spent or not being spent on art when they have no idea what art the gallery is actually thinking of buying!

I like the idea of a giant Redbubble art wigit to show what is being done and posted moment by moment [would also need a bank of smaller screens for viewers to check for longer … perhaps jot down our contacts and purchase something too] This would indeed show the truest art happening NOW and give the strongest feel for what art styles the population does value.
I suggest RB pitch that to someone … pitched right we would be the innovators of the world of art!

Art to me is living culture recorded for all to see
Not all of us can do it not all of those who can can do it well !!

But remember …
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and perhaps we should remember the “Blue Poles” and “Yellow Peril” pieces that our “experts” wasted millions on in the past.
What is the government smoke screening this time ???
What do they really want the money for? [10% actually spent on the art piece and the rest quietly used somewhere else]

Now that was my soap box rant for sure!
Keep Happy !!! :o)

{packing up soap box & megaphone now … oooh someone put coins in my megaphone bag :o) thank you !!! Now perhaps I can eat YAY!!! :o) }

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