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The Bubble's Done it Again!!! :o)

Heya folks!

How are we all this fine evening/morning/day/night/whatever? :o)

I must apologise I’ve been all strange and moody lately and for my friends I apologise for my absence of comments! [mind you I did hear the collective sigh of relief after a bit of me not leaving my usual 4-10 liners! lol]
I have been watching and reading but Life just gets in the way a bit! :o)

Today was no different but I was determined to cheer up! so again I come to the bubble with hope of being purged of my frustrations and ugliness by the beauty and goodness I usually find here and I was not disappointed ! :o)

Not only have there been glorious works to view, I learned a new trick! :o)
Thanks to lady LisaG, I can now add pictures to my writing & journal pieces … Like this :

[This is me and my dad Lex :o)]

In my true generous soul style I must let you know how to do this [I’d make a lousy magician! lol] You pick your picture click right mouse button on it copy the image link then paste this where you want it between two ! with no gaps and B I N G O :o)

Try it yourself it’s F U N !!!!!! :o)
Now I’m all happy smiles again :o)

Keep Happy! ~ Lyss :o) xoxox

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