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Heya everybody!! :O)

I Use this phrase an awful lot and really there has only been ONE person who knew what I was on about. So I guess now is as good a time as any to give you a meaning to Chookas!! [and sorry, no it is not my nickname =0)]

“Chookas” is a theatrical term for Good Luck that my mum and her cronies in the [Australian] National Theatre Ballet & Opera company made up back in the 40s 50s. Back stage in a theatre it is bad luck to say “good luck” [or whistle or mention “Mac…” That Scottish play :O)] and the usual wish of “Break a leg” is not a dancer’s favourite so Chookas was adopted. “Will it be Chook for us tonight?”
I know I know … “What?”
It wasn’t until 1917 that actors were paid a decent wage and even up to the 1950s the chorus was only paid if the auditorium was full. When it was it meant they could afford to buy chicken to eat (chicken being expensive in those days) so the chorus would ask the stage manager “How full is the house? Will there be chook for us tonight?”
Of course in our Aussie way that got abbreviated to “Chook for us?” and then the good luck wish of “Chookas!”

I use it now to wish people well – good luck & happiness and all that :O) and it is spreading! =0)
I taught it to the singers Kylie & Danni Minogue [and all the other students in our school when we were there in the 70s] and Danni was lately a judge on a TV show and she taught it to the contestants there and thus most of Australia who watched her :O) I think she’s spread it through the music field and It has spread down through the theatre other ways as I have heard it returned to me from other people I’ve not told! :O)

See !! So Chookas! =0)

PS and yes I really did know the Minogue girls They were in lower forms at my high school. Danni was an angel but Kylie was a tramp in the makings! She wore dresses with hems just under her nickers and her hair piled high and make up and jewellery to rival any hooker and she “Owned” one of the toilets – terrorising anyone who wanted to use them with threatened cigarette burns or hairspray in the eye. But alas all the males in the school, students & teachers alike, LOVED her! It was as if she had some spell she could wiggle her bum and chew her cud [chewy] and they would drool! What’s more Kylie had a thing for my younger brothers and would come over seeking them Mum & I would cover for them and send her away and my brothers would slide out from under Mum’s bed gratefully!
But even better I was her last choir mistress ….. and I chucked her out of my special 5 part harmony choir because she has an inner ear problem and goes off key when others sing around her! I told her “Stick to Solo work or BIG choirs where it wont be noticed if you go off the note!” We went on to win the eisteddfod … she went on …. well we all know what she went on and did! lol <)
Karma slapped me with watching her walk into “The Sullivan’s” TV shoot time and time again until the Producer / Director bloke shouted “Cut! Someone write a part for that girl and get her out of everyone else’s shots!” and THAT’s how she got into TV. Worse still they bought MY uniform off me for her to wear cos mine was the old one! >/ gggggggrrrrrrrrr man did we hate her for that LOL! >/

Sometimes I shout to myself KEEP HAPPY!!!!! =0)
Chookas! =0)

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