Frankston, Australia

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We're Home Safe & Sound! :o)

Hello Everybody We’re BA-AK!!! :o)

Mick [skik] and I have just returned from the wilds of western Victoria with car & trailer loaded and a quick over night stop in Colac for Mick to have a little repair surgery [& me and 2 dogs to sleep in the car!] sweet F A sleep and 3 hrs driving [half in traffic] and then of course I get to UNLOAD the car & trailer in the dark! Thank god my son has big strong strapping mates who are available to drop over and help! :o) [Thank you Matteu!]

So I shall look over what I have missed and try to catch up on comments and replies

And for those of you hooked on my slightly better than horrendous adventure episodes I shall post 2 tomorrow to make up [yes and 2 the next day lol – so much for one a day lol]
Keep Happy!

Catch you round the bubble! ~ adg :o) xox

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