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robocat rampage now for sale on iTunes
Check out my iPhone game! Crush dirty civilization to restore the eco.
Can you defeat the big boss and avoid the eco-disaster?

So as you can see on my redbubble portfolio, I have been drawing the concept art for an game, which I made it into an full 3D action game for iPhones! You can crush dirty civilization and restore eco points. A tree huggers dream!

You will recognize the final boss design from my rb portfolio as well.

Check it out at, I hope you enjoy crushin’!

100% of all Giant Robot Cats say “NO TANKERS!”

CTYCRSHR is exploring the northern icy ocean kingdom when suddenly something dark is seen floating on the water! What is it? CTYCRSHR is off to investigate! Upon closer inspection, it is seen to be a large metallic object, filthy in appearance, a blight on the seascape.…

©Citycrusher Adew 2010 All rights reserved.

Three skycats (CTYCRSHR’s guardians) materialize in a flash of light. In unison they sang most softly & eloquent:

♫ Our dearest CTYCRSHR… ♭ you must help dispose of this corruption… ♪ but be most careful not to break it open… ♩ if it is broken open… foul poisons will spread into the waters… ♬ lift it up & take it to the mothership… ♭ only the mothership can hide it away safely for all time! ♪

Along the way CTYCRSHR sees 2 sad white bears floating on a very small melting bit of

Giant Robot Cats Crushing Cities Worldwide!

Citycrusher dirty roots © 2010…

Today, another city fades into nameless non-remembrance. Business sectors slow in production. We see a rapid loss of manufacturing base. These hyper-dimensional robot cats, or “citycrushers” are erasing cities.

Citycrushers, in theory, are living beings, perhaps of a higher intelligence. No interaction, nor communication has yet been established with them.

Leaked reports reveal world leaders aim to resolve a commission built to establish eventual countermeasures – possibly including military – to combat citycrushers. However, it is unknown if damage to a citycrusher is possible.

Damaging a citycrusher would have unknown consequences. The properties governing a citycrusher’s superposition over our dimensions is poorly understood.

In response to the world lead


How insignificant our 3 dimensions are, a shadowy artifact lying in a forgotten corner of the higher realms.
It actually has to be unfolded in order to climb inside this small space. The doors are tight and confusing to open. Things would have gone to total shit there, but luckily someone takes care of the place.

TREESEEDER & CITYCRUSHER work together to keep the good life growing. Human “intelligence” is a catalytic (a substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process.) element unbalancing the local equation of matter. Building our cities, and any number of random objects together forming a deadening froth. Breaking down living complexity, and recomposing it into simpler (& usually


Arrived in another place full of burning crystals! The toil is endless, but all is good.

Left the garden a mere era in my sleep, yet decay was rapid, covering so much green.

The geometry of the crystals, it disassembles this cosmos, excreting grayness.

Look, how beautiful & bright glows this catalyst, fused with tiny frenzied points of motion & uncertainty, spreading over far hills — now — burning.

The small one is with me, but where have vanished its kin? I farewell to them last I was awake.

Latching the small one to the plow, work begins.

Soon the geometry skews, distorts & dims: stirred into the greater whole.

The soil is refreshed — a new cycle beginning!

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