Who is our future?

There are so many youth dying in Iraq,on the street, and being killed by the hands of their parents or caregivers. There are so many of our youth not being educated properly. Silblings are raising their silblings. Prisons are being overcrowed. Who will run America in the future? Will computer and technology run the world? Who are our next doctors, judges, lawyers, hotel managers? Who will do the house cleaning. Who will be the next food servers or gas station owners. Will the USA fall because of lack of educated youths? We must protect and educate our future! We must correct the problems. We must put our taxes in our schools instead of stadiums and casinoes! It is everyones’ jobs to train the children in the correct way so not only would they have a better life, but so America will not fall in the hands of our enemies. if we tried, we can make our schools where a child can not wait to go to due to the activies, great teachers, students treating other students with respect and not saying “kids will be kids”. That is a poor excused school should be a safe haven for our kids. We must stop the school shooting. We must stop the bullies, teaser and others that prevent our kids from enjoying school. We all know that stick and stones will break our bones and words do have a long negative effect on kids.

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