Dead rabbit

Well after a crappy day of assignments i went out 2 clear my head, it sort of worked. The funny thing is that the 1 and a half hrs that i was out taking photos of birds made the whole day worth it. I headed out at about 3.30 looking to try and find some birds of prey that i knew were hanging around. The 1st place i looked i got it. Pair of Nankeen Kestrels sitting on a light post. Not a bad effort. Soon i was to realise it was only going 2 get better. After about 10 min stalking 1 of the pair i drove over 2 a pair of trees that id seen a pair of black shouldered kites a bout a week before. this was also the place id seen 2 brown falcons. I arrived just in time 2 c the 2 black shouldered kites dive bombing the falcon. I didnt manage 2 get any world class photos but it was a specticale 2 watch.
From there i went out past the local tip and headed out 2wards the airport. On the way i found 2 birds of prey. I stopped the car did a quick uy and went back. what i didnt expect 2 find was a about 5 or 6 more in the paddock opposite ( on the good light side). In the paddock a farmer was just finishing plowing his paddock. He stopped and i said g’day. The usual stuff of what r u doing y and stuff. What i didnt expect was what he was going 2 say next. He finished up the conversation with " ive got a dead rabbit back over at the shed, did u want 2 follow me back and grab it and c if they’ll come down and grab it. I couldn’t belive it. So thats what i did. went in2 the property, he grabed the rabbit put it in the at the drivers floor. I went back 2 the paddock and took out the dead rabbit and dumped it in a spot next 2 a fence in the plowed paddock and waited until they flew away. No result. I think this shows the level im at with the whole bird thing. INSANE.

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