Help from my Redbubble friends

Hi all!

I’m just wondering if any of my well traveled fellow Redbubblers can help me out with some suggestions. I have to upcoming trips and I need some planning help.

The first one, I will be in Redwood City, CA from the 3rd to the 10th of August. My husband is going there for work so I will have the days free for some shooting and sightseeing. I will probably have access to a car but I’m not 100% sure of that yet. Also from Friday to Sunday, the hubby and I would like to take a road trip (I’m thinking Big Sur) and need some suggestions on where to stay and what to see. Any and all thoughts would be welcome.

The second trip is not until October and will include myself, hubby and my parents who are coming to visit us here in Belgium. We will take two weeks to travel. We will go from Brussels to the Loire valley for a couple of days for some castle spotting, then to Pau to our favorite B&B. From there we would like to explore Spain for a couple of days (avoiding big cities if possible), then to Valencia where we will catch a flight to Malta. We will be in Malta for 5 days and I’d love some suggestions if you have any. Then back to Valencia to pick up the car and drive back to Belgium, possible with a stop in the Champagne Region on the way.

Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it but I can’t wait. So if you’ve been to any of these places I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks everyone!

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