The Little Girl

t’s feeling a little chilly in here…

Here’s a tale, passed down
from generations of Professor Puss,
which will really keep you on edge…

Rosa was not the most popular girl in town, so it
came as a big surprise when Troy asked her on a
date. Besides being cute, Troy was a staple on the
Huntington High football team.

Rosa couldn’t understand why he would want to
spend a Friday night with her, especially when the
school was teeming with girls who would have
given their right eye for a chance with Troy. A bit
hesitant, Rosa accepted and Troy said he would
pick her up at 8pm that Friday.

Rosa was full of nerves on Friday night. Troy arrived
promptly at 8pm and after meeting Rosa’s parents,
they both said goodbye and headed to his car.

“So, where are we headed?” Rosa asked Troy.

“We’re meeting up with Anne and Brent at Pennhurst Academy.”

Pennhurst Academy…Rosa had never been there, but everyone
KNEW of Pennhurst Academy. It was an abandoned children’s
hospital and many people believed it was haunted. During the
1930s, a wave of tuberculosis had killed hundreds of children.
When Rosa was a child, her father used to tease her, “I’ll send
you to Pennhurst if you don’t behave.”

The road leading to Pennhurst was isolated and dark. The trees
were thick and tall. They hung over the road like heavy drapes,
blocking out any moonlight. Pennhurst was an enormous building
built of heavy brick. Two wings extended off the main entrance,
and hundreds of windows were falling and skewed on the building’s

“Are you sure we’re allowed to be here?” Rosa said, glancing
nervously to Troy.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal. You’re not scared are you?” he asked.

“No. It’s fine. I just haven’t seen Pennhurst before…,” she said,
trying to convince herself it was really OK.

All four took their first steps into the abandoned building.
The hallway was dark and creepy. As they walked down the
corridor, Rosa glanced into the rooms, leading off from the hall.
Old beds with rusty springs, stained curtains and forgotten clothing
lay strewn about. The air was thick and smelled like sewage.
“It’s ok,” she kept telling herself. “They’re just rumors.”
But this didn’t calm her nerves.

“We’re going to look for the old cafeteria.” Brent said. He and Anne took off,
flashlight in hand.

“Let’s go this way.” Troy motioned to a corridor off to the right.

“Ok…” Rosa agreed shakily. They walked down the corridor and
came to a door marked “Basement.”

“This is so cool. I’m going to check it out.” Troy reached for the doorknob.
By now Rosa was thoroughly freaked out. “I don’t think it’s such a good idea.”

“Well, wait right here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Before Rosa could protest,
Troy disappeared through the door. Rosa began to pace in front of the door.
The chilly air was beginning to get to her and she rubbed her arms up and
down for warmth. “He’ll be back soon,” she kept thinking.

Far off she heard something. It sounded like a woman laughing, but she
wasn’t sure. She started to walk down the hallway towards the noise. When
she reached the end, she noticed that the sound appeared to be coming
from the room on the left.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” she said as she cautiously looked around the room.
The room was empty, except for a teddy bear lying in the middle of the floor.
As Rosa stared at the object, a small hand reached up and gripped her wrist.

Rosa jumped. It was a tiny little girl, no older than six. She was dressed in
a white hospital gown and her hand was freezing. The little girl grinded her
teeth and moaned. Plasma ran down her face. “Leave me alone!” Rosa screamed
as she tried to loosen the girl’s grip. “Graaaaa” “graaaaaa” the girl’s eyes rolled
in her head. But the girl held fast. “Someone help!” Rosa screamed again.
This time, she used her other hand to work at the tiny fingers.

“Graaaaa, graaaa,” the little girl shrieked.

“Leave. Me. Alone,” Rosa screamed. She shoved the girl to the side and ran
out the door, down the corridor and out the entrance. In the parking lot,
Anne, Brent and Troy were standing around.

“Rosa, where did you go? We were getting worried.” Troy said.

Rosa couldn’t hold back the tears. “There was a little girl. She tried
to attack me. She wouldn’t let go…” She began to sob. Troy put his
arm around her and they walked to the car. “It’s just your mind playing
tricks. If I knew you would be scared, I wouldn’t have taken you here.”

He started the car and as they drove down the long drive, Rosa looked
at her wrist. A purple bruise was beginning to form…

The Little Girl


Carrying Place, Canada

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