Varsity Football

Have you ever hung around old cemeteries at night?
I wouldn’t recommend it. You don’t know who or what you’ll meet…

Late one Thursday night, Jenifer was heading home from a
study group. As she made her way home she thought about
all the random history dates she would have to know for the
test. She was so involved in her own thoughts that she was
surprised at how quickly she reached Shady Tree Cemetery.

Even though she had grown up down the street from the
cemetery, it still gave her the creeps, especially at night.
And it didn’t matter what type of weather, the air around
the cemetery always smelled like formaldehyde.

Jenifer quickened her pace. She took her normal path through
the graveyard, slipping between stones and monuments. She
noticed a boy standing up ahead. He was wearing a varsity
jacket with the numbers 08 stitched on the sleeve.

The boy appeared to be her age, but she had never seen him
before. He had his head down and was staring at an old
tombstone. Jenifer didn’t want to interrupt someone who
could possibly be in mourning, so she decided to leave him
alone and continue on her way.

Right after Jenifer passed him, she heard someone call out.
“Excuse me.” It was the boy. His voice sounded strong and
clear. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I think I’m a little lost.”
Jenifer turned and came face-to-face with the stranger.

“Where do you need to go?” she asked.

He mentioned a town Jenifer had never heard of. “I’m sorry.
I don’t know where that is…”

“Oh, it’s OK. I tend to get lost a lot. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”
He smiled, and for the first time since Jenifer had begun this
strange conversation, she realized just how cute his smile was.

“I’m Jenifer,” she said extending her hand.

“Louis. Nice to meet you.”

Over the next hour, Louis and Jenifer talked about everything,
from schools (he went to Lincoln, she went to Warren) to
movies to sports. Jenifer was amazed at how easy going he was.
Louis definitely wasn’t like the other guys that went to her school.
Finally, Jenifer’s mom appeared on the porch.

“Jenifer, get in this house. It’s late,” she yelled.

“Well, I better get going. Do you know how you’re getting home?” Jenifer asked.

“I’ll catch a ride. Don’t worry about it.” Louis smiled his sweet smile.

Jenifer took a couple steps towards her house, then quickly turned around.
“You’re really great. Do you think you could call me?” Not waiting for a
response, she quickly stuffed a piece of paper with her phone number in his
interesting handwriting and ran all the way home.

All week, the only thing Jenifer could think about was Louis. By Friday,
her friends were sick of hearing about this mystery boy. “We’re going
to the diner tonight,” her best friend Yasmine said. “You should come.
There will be a lot of Lincoln kids there. One of them might know your

“I think I’ll stay home. I don’t feel much like going out.” Truthfully, Jenifer
hoped that Louis would call, but with each passing day, her heart deflated
a little more.

“Fine. Suit yourself.” Yasmine left Jenifer to her sulking.

Later that night, Jenifer lay in her bedroom next to the phone. Finally, at
a quarter of nine, it rang. Jenifer quickly snatched it off the cradle.

It was Yasmine. She sounded a bit strange.

“You’re never going to believe what I just heard. I don’t know who you ran
into last night, but the only Louis from Lincoln was murdered four months
ago. They found his body in a ditch off Carslie Road. It was covered in blood.”

“What?” Jenifer could hardly get out the words.

“Apparently, he was this big football star. Number eight on varsity. I don’t
know who you talked to the other night, but it wasn’t Louis.”

As Yasmine was talking, Jenifer began to hear a faint noise. It sounded like
people whispering. “I have to go,” Jenifer quickly hung up the phone and
hurried to her window. As she pulled up the blinds, she saw Louis in the
cemetery. He had a single red rose in his hand and was walking towards her
house. As the clouds moved, the moonlight shone down on Louis. A skeletal
face looked up toward her window.

“Oh no. What have I done?” Jenifer sunk to her knees.

Varsity Football


Carrying Place, Canada

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