We are not gunna make it.

Hello Bubble people, i have just returned from another inspirational field trip , gees i like my job (did i say that), this time i had the oppurtunity to vistit towns and remote communities with in the Pilbara and Kimberly regions of WA.

Whilst in the Pilbara region my travel buddy – whom i will call Slug – and myself ventured of into the remote space of land called the Western Desert, on the first day of our tour of duty we had to visit a community that was situated 280km N/E of Newman.

We prepared ourselfs and set of on our journey – i looked at slug and muttered the words you got the water, he replyed with Yeah as the 1 liter Mount Franklin bottle flew into the back seat of the 4WD – i though to myself we are not going to make it, this was to set the tone for the day.

We fueled up with what we though was enough fuel for the Jorney, Slug mentioned we will be right for fuel they will have some out on the community i have orgaised it with them, i was relieved to hear him say that as we had no jerry cans at that point and i did not want fuel to be an issue,we where wandering around some pretty remote country. We visited the community did what we had to do, after we had completed our meetings, everyone just disapeared it was amazing, i swear a tumbel weed rolled past me as i stood at the front of the community office scanning the horizone for any form of human life.
We needed to make contact again with someone… anyone, as it turned out we needed fuel, i have never been really obssesive about anything in my life , and here i was sitting in the front seat of the 4wd on the edge of no where rocking back and forth with my head in my hands saying, slug i though you organised the fuel, i thought you organised the fuel.
After a friendly conversation about the fuel and who was suppose to organise what we decided that we would risk it and drive back to Newman, we had 1/4 tank of fuel and 280km to cover and figured that if we drove between 20 and 40 km and hour we could possibly make it , and if not we would just set up camp on the side of the road and wait for some one to come past. I knew deep down inside that we were not going to be making it back to town that night but i did not want to break Slugs confiedence, he was so confiedent that he went to sleep 20mins into our return journey.
As I settled into our slow drive back to Newman my thoughts started to wonder off into the Western Desert landscape i started to really notice the diffrences in the land scape, some of the trees looked like they belonged in the prehistoric period, apparently the region is suppose to be 5 billion years old and a lot of fossils and evidence of earths formation can be found with in the region. i started to imageine prehistoric creatures roaming the land and am pretty sure i had slipped into this sleep deprive, stressed out trance like state, driving at 20km an hour did not really get the blood pumping thats for sure .
As i peered through the dust stained windscreen, eyes squinting as the sun had just started to go down i noticed a huge shadowy figure in the middle of the road off in the distance, i thought to myself faaarrrk what the hell is that, i peered over at slug to see if he was seeing what i was seeing, but he was stiil being held captive by sleep and his mates.
I gave Slug a sharp poke in the ribs and mentioned his name,he came to life with a bit of a cough and a fart,sort of reminded me of an old car. Once Slug gained his bearings and remembered where we were he looked at me and said “yeh wharrrt”, i looked at him then sort of threw my head in the direction of the shadowy presence, which was still in front of us and dead center of the road and said what the faaarrrk is that, slug rubbed his eyes moved his head closer to the wind screen, looked at me and said farked if i no and started to wind up his window, I asked why are you winding your window up, he replyed with a bit of a trembel in his vioce " i dont know what it is i dont want it jumping in on my side". As we got closer – it took awhile- we realised the shadowy figure that had our mines racing was in fact a camel, a big bull camel i new he was male as camels only have 4 legs not 5, and he was not moving , he had been standing in the one spot the whole half an hour it took for us to get there and he really was not going to move, i started blowing the horn still no movment , i reved the engine still no movement, i slambed my right foot down fast on the accelarator and released the left just as fast off the clutch, dirt and dust went flying everywhere, the engine sreamed like a man having his chest hair waxed and the battle axe 4WD jumped toward the camel but he did not move. We do not have enough fuel to be playing this game with this freak from the desert is what was running through my head, after a few minutes it seemed as thou the Camel had become bored with us and decided that he would be on his way, he turned and started his departure. We sat in the 4WD and watched the big fella start to wander off down the road, we started to follow assuming that he would hang a left at any moment and disappear from our lives forever, we were not that lucky… to be continued.

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